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Pre-Cannes PR Lets Us Look at Telluride Possibilities / Will There Be Moonlight in Telluride?

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Many of the films that are set to play at the 69th Cannes Film Fest, set to start in under two weeks-May 11, are rolling out various levels of publicity prior to their screenings in France.  The last MTFB post highlighted a perfect example of this with the release of a teaser/trailer and poster for Oliver Stone's Snowden.

Several other Cannes choices that have some chance of making the Atlantic crossing in September to Telluride have also begun sharing stories, stills, clips and more as they seek to entice prior to their bow on the Croisette.

Consequently, I've snagged some of those and am passing them along to you today...

Christain Mungiu's Graduation poster, trailer and teasers and news that the film has U.S. distribution via Sundance Selects (which doesn't hurt and probably boosts its T-ride chances) via The Film Stage:

The official trailer from YouTube:

Here's the link to The Film Stage post which has more:

The Film Stage also posted a multi-film article with stills and posters from a number of Cannes films including Xavier Dolan's It's Only the End of the World and Bruno Dumont's Slack Bay among several (Elle, The Red Turtle, Sieranevada, Make Beautiful Dreams and The Handmaiden).

Poster for Dolan's It's Only the End of the World from The Film Stage

Check all of this here:


Barry Jenkins leading the Q and A after 12 Years a Slave at Telluride in 2012. (Getty Images)

Friend of MTFB, and recently Kino Lorber intern invitee (congrats!) Jason Osaison  (JASON (metalmeatwad) @MichaelNot Cera on Twitter) shared that he felt very strongly that Barry Jenkins Moonlight would make the lineup for TFF #43.

Now remember, Jason won The Gold Derby's Oscar prediction contest this year...he does his research.

Jason points out that Jenkins has been a part of the TFF staff for more than a decade and has often curated the Calling Card, Student Prints and Great Expectations as well as serving as the Ringmaster at The Zog since it opened.  Jenkins has also been a frequent contributor to the TFF program.

Additionally, Moonlight's distributor is A24, which also doesn't hurt its chances.  

A24 at Telluride recently: Room (Oscar winner Brie Larson and additional Oscar nominations  for Best Picture, screenplay and direction), Under the Skin and Ginger and Rosa.

Additionally, among the film's producers are Brad Pitt and his Plan B Entertainment, which also doesn't hurt the film's TFF chances.

Plan B at Telluride: 12 Years a Slave.  I also think Plan B's The Lost City of Z and War Machine might be TFF possibilities this year.

Osiason's points are well taken...Moonlight moves right up the list of possible/probable Telluride films for 2016.

Thanks Jason!

Here's Moonlight's  IMDb page:

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