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Ginger and Rosa Have a Home/Oscar Notes/Foreign Film List/Marion and Matthias

Good Thursday to All!


Sally Potter's "Ginger and Rosa" was a modest success at  best at Telluride based on my informal survey of patrons where it ranked #23 out of #26 shows that were seen by enough respondents to earn a rating/ranking.  Most of the positive commentary came for Elle Fanning's performance and that seems to be the motivating factor behind the acquisition of the title by A24 and the buzz that they want to try to position her for Oscar consideration.  Seems like a long stretch to me.  Links for a multitude of stories/posts about the a24 acquisition and plans  from Anne Thompson, The Daily Mail, The Hollywood Reporter, The Chicago Tribune, Screen Daily, and Variety are all included here:,0,2264479.story


Cinema Blend has its look/predictions at the major 6 categories for Oscar here:

Rope of Silicon also has entered the fray with their Oscar series starting with Best Director:

This week's "Few Minutes with Feinberg" prefaces the New York Film Festival among other things.  Here's your link:


The deadline for submissions for consideration for the Foreign Language Oscar is looming (Oct. 1)...and the number of announced films is growing.  Rope of Silicon runs the list down for you:

"A Royal Affair"
 But no "Rust and Bone" as France has chosen "The Intouchables" instead.


The stars of what I thought was ine of the 3-4 best films at this year's Telluride Film Fest, tributee Marion Cotillard and Matthias Schoenarets have been interviewd by David Poland at Movie City News.  Check that out here:

More Monday...have a great weekend everyone!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Oscar Thoughts/Cannes 66 Dates/IFC and Frances/Royal Foreign Affair/Metacritic/New Players for Oscar/Lincoln Closing/NYFF



This week's edition of Oscar Talk from Kris Tapley (InContention/HitFix) and Anne Thompson (Thompson on Hollywood).  Links from both of their blogs:


This week's issue of Oscar Poker with Sasha Stone (Awards Daily) and Jeff Wells (Hollywood Elsewhere):


With the news that Fox Searchlight is going to release "Hitchcock" (see below), Scott Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter factors that into his latest Oscar predictions...I've looked at them.  He thinks it will have some significant impact.  Check it:


The Cannes Film Festival has released the date for the 66th Edition along with a peculiarly American take on their promotional poster:

Here's the tweet from Cannes:


The Independent Film Channel peeps have nabbed distribution for Telluride (and Toronto) hit from Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig, "Frances Ha".  Reports below from The Movie City News, The Chicago Tribune and Movie Scope:


Denmark has chosen "A Royal Affair" which played at Telluride a few weeks back as a part of the Mads Mikkelsen tribute, as its official entry for the Foreign Language Oscar.  It edged out Susan Bier's "Love is All You Need".  Mikkelsen was very pleasant to talk to wen I caught him Sunday night of the festival at The New Sheridan Bar.  He said he had been amazed at how friendly the entire atmosphere of the festival was.

Here's a post from The Hollywood Reporter about Denmark's announcement:

METACRITIC AND TELLURIDE (AND CANNES) posted a lengthy round-up of critical response to a number of films that have played the fest circuit (Telluride, Venice, Toronto) so I have provided that link here:  I also included a link to their Cannes round-up from last May that includes a number of films that played at Telluride.  You can see the films and links below:

From Telluride (and Venice, Toronto):

"At Any Price"
"Frances Ha"
"Ginger and Rosa"
"Hyde Park on Hudson"
"Stories We Tell"

From Cannes:

"The Hunt"
"Paradise: Love"
"Rust and Bone"
"The Sapphires"


There has always been some thought that Gus Van Sant's "Promised Land" might get a shot at an Oscar run and we now know hat is true.  What was more surprising this past week was the announcement from Fox Searchlight that they're going to drop the Sacha Gervasi directed Anthony Hopkins starring "Hitchcock" in time for an Oscar run as well.

At some point this last summer I had mentioned both of these as possible Telluride programs depending on whether they were complete or not.  Looks like it was close on both of them.

"Promised Land's IMDb entry:

"Hitchcock's" IMDb entry:


For the second consecutive year Stephen Spielberg will have a film concluding the AFI Film Fest.  "Lincoln" has been announced for that spot.  Here are links to that story via IndieWire and The Wrap:


The New York Film Festival includes from this year's Telluride program:

"Frances Ha"
"The Gatekeepers"
"Hyde Park on Hudson"

More on Thursday...have a great week...

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Film Awards Clearinghouse 2012 #1/Oscar Notes and Changes/Argo in Front?/Post Festival Analysis


My first FAC for the year and I’ve added and changed a few things.  First, I have included Cinematography and Film Editing for as a part of the FAC starting with this first post.  That expends from what I’ve called The Big 8 categories the last three years to “The Big Ten”.

Also, I took a look back this week at the predictive success of The FAC for its first four years.  I compared the initial projections for 2008, 09, 10, and 11 with the actual nominees for each of those years and found that, on average, 60% of the predicted nominees actually become nominees.  Further, another 21% of actual nominees get listed as “possible” in the first FAC.  19% of all nominees don’t show up either place on the first pass.

Also, The FAC was great in 2010 with a 95% success rate for predicted nominees and possible.  2009 was awful  with only a 62%  success rate.  So, some facts to ponder as we head to the first actual predictions…

Mining the Predictive power of Kristopher Tapley (InContention/HitFix), Sasha Stone (Awards Daily), Peter Knegt (IndieWire), Anne Thompson (Thompson on Hollywood), Scott Feinberg (The Hollywood Reporter), Nathaniel Rogers (Film Experience) , Alex Carlson (Film Misery), and Clayton Davis (Awards Circuit).  Telluride Films are Bold!

BEST PICTURE (Again this year there will be 5 to 10 nominees.  Last year there were 9.)

1) Argo
2) Silver Linings Playbook
3) Lincoln
4) The Master
5) Beasts of the Southern Wild
6) Les Miserables
7) Amour
8) Life of Pi
9) Zero Dark Thirty
10) Django Unchained

11) Promised Land
12) Moonrise Kingdom
13) Flight
14) The Sessions
15) Anna Karenina

Comment:  I would bet that the first four are locks even this early and that one of them win. This could be the most competitive Best Picture race we’ve seen in a long, long time.  After the first four , it’s anyone’s guess.  Frankly, I’ll be a bit surprised if Michael Haneke’s “Amour” is a BP nominee.


1) Paul Thomas Anderson/The Master
2) Ben Affleck/Argo
3) David O. Russell/Silver Linings Playbook
4) Steven Spielberg/Lincoln
5) Michael Haneke/Amour

6) Tom Hooper/Les Miserables
7) Ang Lee/Life of Pi
8) Behn Zeitlein/Beasts of the Southern Wild
9) Quentin Tarantino/Django Unchained
10) Kathryn Bigelow/Zero Dark Thirty

Comment: The top five look good.  I might trade Zeitlein for Haneke.


1) Jennifer Lawrence/Silver Linings Playbook
2) Quvenzhane Wallis/Beasts of the Southern Wild
3) Naomi Watts/The Impossible
4) Marion Cotillard/Rust and Bone
5) Keira Knightley/Anna Karenina

6) Emanuelle Riva/Amour
7) Meryl Streep/Hope Springs
8) Viola Davis/Won’t Back Down***
9) Laura Linney/Hyde Park on Hudson
10) Maggie Smith/Quartet
(***it’s unclear whether Davis will be considered in Lead or Supporting)

Comment: At this point, I think the only sure bet is Lawrence.  Although I have to say I’d be surprised to see a nomination for any of the women in the 6 through 10 spots.


1) Joaquin Phoenix/The Master
2) John Hawkes/The Sessions
3) Daniel Day Lewis/Lincoln
4) Denzel Washington/Flight
5) Bradley Cooper/Silver Linings Playbook

6) Hugh Jackman/Les Miserables
7) Jean Trintignant/Amour
8) Bill Murray/Hyde Park on Hudson
9) Jamie Foxx/Django Unchained
10) Philip Seymour Hoffman/The Master***
(***Hoffman is also splitting votes between Lead and Supporting)

Comment: This is a category that has been very Telluride-centric over the past several years but that same dominance doesn’t look likely this year.  The top three guys are probably locks.  I’m leery of a Denzel nomination with no others likely for “Flight”.  Cooper is pretty hot coming out of Toronto.

First shameless plug for someone from The FAC…Jack Black in “Bernie”.

1) Anne Hathaway/Les Miserables
2) Amy Adams/The Master
3) Helen Hunt/The Sessions
4) Sally Field/Lincoln
5) Maggie Smith/Exotic Marigold Hotel

6) Samantha Barks/Les Miserables
7) Kerry Washington/Django Unchained
8) Vanessa Redgrave/Song for Marion
9) Judi Dench/Exotic Marigold Hotel***
10) Annette Bening/Imogene
(***Dench also is possible as either Lead or Supporting)

Comment:  Not one Telluride possibility to be found in this category in our first iteration.  I’d guess Hathaway, Adams, Hunt and Field are all very likely.


1) Leonardo DiCaprio/Django Unchained
2) Philip Seymour Hoffman/The Master***
3) Alan Arkin/Argo
4) David Stratharin/Lincoln
5) Dwight Henry/Beast of the Southern Wild

6) Matthew McConnaghey/Magic Mike
7) William H. Macy/The Sessions
8) Robert DeNiro/Silver Linings Playbook
9) Hal Holbrook/Promised Land
10) John Goodman/Argo
(***see Best Actor note above)

Comment: It’s possible that “Argo” could land more than one nomination in this category.  My personal plug here would be for Bryan Cranston who had some notice form some of the predictors but not enough to crawl onto the chart.  Maybe next time.  I’m not sure that any of the top five are truly locks at this point.


1) Argo
2) Silver Linings Playbook
3) Beasts of the Southern Wild
4) Lincoln
5) Life of Pi

6) Les Miserables
7) Anna Karenina
8) The Sessions***
9) The Dark Knight Rises
10) Killing Them Softly
(***The Sessions is also getting substantial votes in the Original Screenplay category.  I think it will be in the Adapted category)

Comment:  The screenplay nominations are notoriously difficult to predict even when you get close to the nomination announcement.  Still, I might place money on the top four.  I'll be pumping for a nomination here for "The Sapphires" if The Weinstein Company decides to drop it into the 2012 awards season.


1) Moonrise Kingdom
2) The Master
3) Django Unchained
4) Amour
5) Zero Dark Thirty

6) Promised Land
7) The Sessions***
8) Flight
9) Seven Psychopaths
10) Frances Ha
(***See note above concerning “The Sessions”)

Comment: See note above…  This category seems very, very fluid as we begin.  I’m not sure that anything is a lock except maybe “The Master”.  I'm pushing for a nomination for "Frances Ha".


1) The Master
2) Life of Pi
3) Lincoln
4) Beasts of the Southern Wild
5) The Dark Knight Rises

6) Anna Karenina
7) Django Unchianed
8) Les Miserables
9) Cloud Atlas
10) The Hobbit

Comment: New category to start this early and all 10 seem reasonable possibilities. 


1) Argo
2) Lincoln
3) The Master
4) Zero Dark Thirty
5) The Dark Knight Rises

6) Life of Pi
7) Les Miserables
8) Django Unchained
9) Silver Linings Playbook
10) Beasts of the Southern Wild

Comment:  The other new category for this early and often a key indicator of Best Picture success.  I’m thinking the top five are good guesses but not necessarily carved into stone.


The Gold Derby is up with its first lineup of predictions as well.  Find it here:

Gold Derby


Those changes include new dates for nomination ballots to be due and nomination announcements. Pete Hammond at has that explanation here:

Oscar has also altered the way its voters can vote as outlined by Reuters:


The first post Telluride Oscar Poker podcast from Sasha Stone (Awards Daily) and Jeff Wells (Hollywood Elsewhere) with guest Tom O'Neil (Gold Derby) has been posted.  You can find it at both of these places:


HitFix's Greg Ellwood agrees with The FAC's first assessment and that Telluride sneak preview "Argo" is the front runner for Best Picture at this early point in the season.  Here's his rationale:

And with the approaching release on Oct. 12 there is a new "Argo" poster:


Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood has posted a Toronto wrap up:

And also with a view of the post Telluride/Venice/ Toronto landscape:
Peter Knegt of IndieWire with 10 things we "know" post-festivals.

And finally, Entertainment Weekly eyes 10 films that they think boosted their Oscar profile in Toronto:,,20483133_20628605,00.html#21211285

More on Monday...

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New Digs in 2013?/New Player in the Oscar Race/This Week's Feinberg/Thompson and Tapley Talk Oscar/Awards Circuit on the Record/Argo for the Win?/The Sapphires' Chris O'Dowd/Telluirde Films Get Distribs/Lincoln Trailer

Good Monday Everyone!  I hope that everybody had a great weekend.  Let's talk Oscar and Telluride!


There have been rumblings about it for more than a year.  And again this year at the end of the SHOW I was hearing that the possibility of adding a new large venue for 2013 in Telluride was a serious possibility.  Now we know that there is movement in that direction via this story from The Telluride Daily Planet:

Hockey rink into movie theater?  It could happen and my understanding is that it would create another very large venue for the Fest to program.  Think seating capacity in the Palm, Chuck, Galaxy area.

As you can see from the story, it all depends on money and time as well as balancing other interests.  I'll keep an open ear for further developments on this front.


Already regarded as something of a player, David O. Russell's "Silver Linings Playbook" got a major boost yesterday as it won the audience award at the Toronto International Film Festival.  SLP beat out "Argo", "The Master" and others.  "Slumdog Millionaire" in 2008 and "The King's Speech" in 2010 won the TIFF Audience Award before going on to win the Best Picture Oscar.

Coverage of the awards announcements from Toronto is here:,0,2759919.story

And in a side note that will blow your mind, Kris Tapley tweeted yesterday that "Silver Linings" nearly played TFF #39 with a Robert DeNiro tribute as a possibility...WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME!


Here's the link to this week's installment of a few minutes with The Hollywood Reporter's Oscar Guru Scott Feinberg:

Telluride film s that Scott talks about include "Amour", "Argo", "The Gatekeepers", "Hyde Park on Hudson",  "Rust and Bone" and "The Sapphires".

And here's the link for Feinberg's first full Oscar forecast:


The first episode of the "Oscar Talk" podcast featuring Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood and Kris Tapley of InContention/HitFix is up and running.  Among other topics Kris and Anne tackle the subject of why Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" wasn't at Telluride with each expressing one of the two versions that emerged two weeks ago: "The fest didn't want it" versus "PTA wouldn't let it play since he couldn't (?) be there".  Check it here:

Anne Thompson also has updated her Oscar predictions after Telluride, Venice and most of Toronto.  Here that is:


One of the places that I usually include as a part of the list of bloggers and writers that concern themselves with the film awards season is The Awards Circuit.  They're up with  their first set of Oscar prognostications and I have linked them here:

AC says that this is where Telluride films stand in their estimation in the Best Picture race:
#3 is "Argo"
#4 is "Amour"
#23 is "Hyde Park on Hudson"
#27 is "Frances Ha"
#32 is "Rust and Bone"
#36 is "A Royal Affair"

I'm thinking I may make my first stab at collating Oscar experts later this week.  Stay tuned.


Kris Tapley over at InContention/HitFix put up a post earlier this week outlining the case for why Ben Affleck's "Argo" has a shot to win the Best Picture Oscar.  Look at it here:


Scott Feinberg also had a profile of Irish actor (and my unapologetic campaign for him to get an Oscar nod continues) Chris O'Dowd whose performance in "The Sapphires" continued to turn heads in its run in the Toronto International Film Festival.  Check out Feinberg's post here:


A number of announcements out of Toronto concerning various Telluride films that have been picked up for distribution.  Notably Noah Baumbach's "Frances Ha" by IFC...

And Saudi Arabia's "Wadjda" by Sony Pictures Classics:

Roadside Attractions has grabbed Sarah Polley's "Stories We Tell":


Say what you will, but I personally think that Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" is going to be a monster player in this year's Oscar race.  I'm taking a possible stratospheric number of nominations...12, 13, 14...that kind of thing.  And now we have a trailer.  And I don't think it hurts its chances at all...  Look for yourself:

I think it looks phenomenal...

More on Thursday...

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Fantastic Photos from TFF #39/Video from TFF #39/Oscar Season

Good Thursday to All...

Welcome to the second half of this blog...The Film Awards Clearinghouse.  I transition at this point in the year from guessing about Telluride to guessing about the Oscar impact of the films that played at Telluride.  It's fun!


One of the cooler things that happens because this blog has been journalistically accredited for Telluride is that I can access the official photos that were taken during the fest and so I have and am including a good number of them here beginning with the guy that arguably got the biggest boost of anyone last week, Mr. Ben Affleck who was there with his film "Argo".  Great reviews, great buzz.  Oscarologists are saying it's square in the thick of the race for a number of statues.  "Argo" was #2 in both my "People's Telluride" ratings and among the Critics who responded to my request as well.

Ben Affleck in Telluride last week.

Also highlighted pictorially from last week:

Sarah Polley whose documentary "Stories We Tell" was well received.  It was #1 on my "People's Telluride" poll and #3 among the Critic's responses.  It may now be an Oscar player.

Marion Cotillard who seems to be lining up another Oscar nomination for "Rust and Bone".  It was my personal choice for Best of the Fest (closely followed by "Argo").  R+B was #7 with Critics and #16 among the peeps.

"The Sapphires" was well liked by both critic types (#4) and the People (#8) but may not even be a consideration for Oscar or Golden Globe contention depending on what The Weinstein Company elects to do with it.  Frankly, I think it could play well for the GG "Musical/Comedy" category and Chris O'Dowd should get a Supporting Actor Oscar push.

"The Sapphires" director Wayne Blair

 And finally, maybe a Best Original Screenplay nod is a real possibility for Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig for their delightful "Frances Ha"  (# 5 critics and #9 People)

Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig


If you'd also like to re-visit or visit for the first time video of a number of the tributes, interviews and conversations from last week go here:

Tributes for Marion Cotillard and Mads Mikkelsen are included.


Again, as mentioned above, this space now becomes a collection point for Oscar/Awards news as we move through the fall and holiday seasons into full-fledged sprint that comes in January and February.  As I have done for the past few years, I 'll collate the best predictive powers of the finest Oscarologists in the business. People like Scott Feinberg (The Hollywood Reporter), Kris Tapley (Incontention/HitFix), Sasha Stone (Awards Daily) and others.

Additionally, this year, I'm going to do my best to link you to the various media that the Big Time Oscar Seers are using.  Tapley and Anne Thompson doing "Oscar Talk", Stone and Jeff Wells doing "Oscar Poker" and starting this week "A Few Minutes with Feinberg" as Scott Feinberg shares his insights on the Awards season.

Here's the link to Scott's first "cast":

Feinberg also filed this story outlining "Argo's" Oscar profile following the Telluride presentation:

Finally, I'll tell you this right now...last year I urged some Oscar consideration for a number of people/scripts/films that I thought likely to be under-appreciated or overlooked...not because I think this tiny little  endeavor has any reach at all, but mostly just because I could.  I was all about a screenplay nomination for "A Separation" happened and a Supporting Actor nomination for Ezra Miller in "We Need to Talk About Kevin" (it didn't happen). 

And I won't be any different this'm officially announcing that I'm beating the drum for Bryan Cranston in "Argo".  I know you can make good cases for Alan Arkin, John Goodman and especially Scoot McNairy (actually, I might move Scoot onto the list with Cranston) but for my money, Cranston deserves it and, maybe more importantly (Hey, anyone at Warner Brothers...listen)..he'd be the strongest candidate.  It's a solid performance, he's a very respected actor from the small screen and is red hot right now as a result of the success of "Breaking Bad".

Arkin just won the award 6 years ago.  Goodman is probably due, but his roll is not nearly as meaty as Cranston's and McNairy...still all but an unknown.  Cranston's the smart play.


From Hollywood News, here's a pretty good re-cap of what has happened Oscar-wise as a result of Telluride and now most of the Toronto festival:

More on Monday...

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The People's Telluride/How'd I Do?/The Master in Venice/Darkness

Good Monday to All...


For the first time ever I have tried to gather responses from the film going revelers that make up the bulk of the observers of the Telluride Film Festival.  18 hardy souls shred their opinions on a 0 to 5 scale with 0 meaning"awful" and 5 being "great."

I required that a film get a minimum of 3 raters to include it on the final list and 26 films met that criteria.  12 other films received a rating from at least one person who took the time to rate the films and send that information to me.

I also broke ties (when possible) by awarding the film that had been viewed by more raters the superior position.  The film that I received the largest number of ratings for was "Frances Ha" with 14 of the 18 raters having seen and rated the Noah Baumbach picture.

Next year I hope to do the same thing, but rather than wait until the fest is over, I will try to line up the professionals and promote the "People's" version ahead of the fest...

Here are your results of "The People's Telluride Poll" for TFF #39/2012:

1) Stories We Tell- 4.80
2) Argo- 4.75
3) The Attack- 4.70
4) The Act of Killing-4.41
5) Wadjda-4.2
6) Amour 4.17
7) Barbara- 4.17
8) The Sapphires-4.11
9) Frances Ha-4.07
10) (Tie)The Hunt and Baraka - 4.00
12) Annecy Animation-3.83
13) The Central Park Five 3.75
14) (Tie) A Royal Affair and Corman's World-3.67
16) Rust and Bone-3.65
17) The Iceman- 3.61
18) The Gatekeepers-3.58
19) Superstar-3.50
20) Hyde Park on Hudson-3.33
21) No-3.21
22) Love, Marilyn-3.08
23) Ginger and Rosa-2.54
24) At Any Price-2.13
25) Everyday-2.08
26) Paradise, Love-1.1


Here's the final posted "Ten Bets" and "Ten More Bets" with asterisks indicating the films that were on the TFF #39 program:

1) Rust and Bone***
2) Hyde Park on Hudson***
3) The Central Park Five***
4) Frances Ha***
5) Ginger and Rosa***
6) No***
7) Argo***
8) Amour***
9) Midnight's Children**
10) The Hunt***
11) At Any Price***
12) On the Road
13) Passion
14) The Gatekeepers***
15) The Sapphires***
16) The Iceman***
17) A Royal Affair***
18) Ernest and Celestine
19) Bromberg's Chaplin Restoration***
20) Populaire

So...I hit the top 11 and 16 out of the 20.  I'm very pleased with the predictions for this year.

And here is what the original "Ten Bets" were from back in June:

1) Amour***
2) Rust and Bone***
3) Beyond the Hills
4) Hyde Park on Hudson***
5) Song for Marion
6) No***
7) Midnight's Children***
8) The East
9) Something in the Air
10) On the Road

So 5 of the original 10...I got better as the summer went along.


What happens when opinion and rules collide?  Rules win.  The Venice Fest jury was all set to award Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" its Golden Lion as outstanding film but because the jury (led by director Michael Mann) had already warded it the director's prize and split the Best Actor prize between Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman, festival organizers made the jury vote again to award the top prize to "Pieta".

Talk about being a victim of your own success.


Well, until Thursday anyway, as Michael's Telluride Film Blog transitions to its fall/winter publication schedule.  Twice a  week on Mondays and Thursdays unless there's something special to pass along.  Also, this really now becomes much more The Film Awards Clearinghouse for the next few months as I track the awards season march to the Oscars with particular emphasis on those films that played at this year's Telluride Film Festival.

More on Thursday

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Sunday, September 9, 2012



Don't forget to drop me a line and add your voice to The "People's " Telluride.  Rate the films you saw 0-5.  "0"  for the truly awful and "5" for Outstanding Cinema.  Send ratings to: OR OR
just post your ratings as a comment to the blog.

The poll closes tonight ! (Sunday) and results are coming in Monday's post.

Also on the way for tomorrow...I compare the "Ten Bets' list to what actually played and a look at the controversy from Venice about the awards presented and NOT presented to Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master"

More later...

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Reminder/Argo on Fire/Rust Poster

Good Saturday Everyone...

Pardon my truncated post today as I am on the road for a meeting of Oklahoma speech and debate teachers.


Don't forget to send me your ratings of films that you saw last weekend at Telluride.  Please rate 0 to 5 with "5" being "great" and "0" being "abysmal".  Tomorrow night is the deadline for me to be able to post The "People's" Telluride ratings on Monday.  It should be fun and illuminating.


No other film got more traction/boost and buzz last week than Ben Affleck's "Argo".  The thriller has grabbed solid reviews and opened in Toronto last night to good buzz as well.  It may be headed to multiple Oscar nominations.  Check this overview from The Huffington Post:

As to the aforementioned reaction last night in Toronto, here's that story from the Los Angeles Times:,0,155894.story


"Rust and Bone's" Facebook page has premiered and English version of the poster for the Marion Cotillard film.  Here's the poster:

"Rust and Bone's" Facebook page is here:

Sorry this is short but...

More later...

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Critics' Telluride/Argo Trailer/First Gurus on BP/

Good Friday to Everyone...


For the first time I have asked some of the best in the business to rate what they saw at the Telluride Film Festival and they have responded.  I asked each critic/blogger to rate the films they saw on a scale from 0 to 5 with 0 being "abysmal" to 5 being extraordinary.

And now I want you to do this too.  Send me YOUR ratings using the same 0 to 5 scale and I'll compile and post the collective take on Monday.  You rate your films here as a comment to the blog or email me at or

Now here's the take from the professionals who accepted my invitation.

From Alex Billington/First Showing:  Amour-1, Argo-4.0, At Any Price-5, The Attack-4.5, Frances Ha-4, Ginger and Rosa-1, The Hunt-2, Hyde Park on Hudson-4, N0-4, Rust and Bone-4.5, Stories We Tell-3.5.

From Scott Feinberg/The Hollywood Reporter: Amour-4, Argo-5, Central Park Five-4, Hyde Park on Hudson-3.5, The Iceman-3.5, Love, Marilyn-4, No-3.5, Rust and Bone-4.5, The Sapphires-4.5

From Eugene Novikov/Film Blather: The Act of Killing-3, Amour-4, Argo-3.5, At Any Price-4, The Attack-4.5, Baraka-2, Everyday-2.5, Frances Ha-5, The Gatekeepers-2, The Hunt-4.5, Midnight's Children-0, No-3.5, Piazza Fontana-2, A Royal Affair-3, Rust and Bone-3.5, Wadjda-3

From Sasha Stone/Awards Daily: Argo-5, Amour-5, Central Park Five-5, Frances Ha-4, The Hunt-5, Hyde Park on Hudson-3, No-3, Paradise: Love-3, Rust and Bone-5, Stories We Tell-5

From Kristopher Tapley/InContention-Hit Fix: Argo-5, Baraka-5, Central Park Five-5, Everyday-3, Frances Ha-4, The Gatekeepers-4, Hyde Park on Hudson-2, The Iceman-4, No-3

Michael Patterson/Michael's Telluride Film Blog: Amour-3.5, Annecy Animation-3.5, Argo-4.5, At Any Price-2, The Attack-3.5, Corman's World-4, Frances Ha-4, Hyde Park on Hudson-2.5, No-3.5, Rust and Bone 4.5, The Sapphires 4

The combined averages for every film earning at least two responses was as follows:

1) Central Park Five-4.7
2) Argo-4.5
3) Stories We Tell- 4.3
4) The Sapphires 4.25
5) (Tie) Frances Ha and The Attack- 4.2
7) Rust and Bone- 4.0
8) The Iceman- 3.8
9) At Any Price- 3.7
10) (Tie) Amour and Baraka- 3.5
12) No- 3.4
14) (Tie) Hyde Park on Hudson and The Gatekeepers 3.0
15) Everyday- 2.8

All other films were viewed/rated by only one respondent.


Ben Affleck's "Argo" seems to be the big hit of this year's festival with critical reaction enthusiastic and Oscar watchers suggesting the possibility of multiple nominations.  As you can see from above, it was a favorite among the critic/bloggers that were kind enough to participate in my first ever post-Telluride poll.  It will be interesting to see if the reaction in Toronto is as enthusiastic (my bet is that it will be).

At any rate, the film opens Oct. 12 and has its theatrical trailer out for all to see.  If you missed it last week and your in Toronto, try to catch's very, very good.

"Argo's' IMDb entry:


The Gurus of Gold have their first tentative look at where they think the Best Picture race starts.  Included in the conversation from Telluride are "Argo" and "Amour".  Take a look here:

And The Playlist also analyzes the Oscar prospects after Telluride and most of Venice and before Toronto.  That's here:


More later...

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Send in Your Ratings/Critic's Corner/50 K/5 Days in 2013

Good Thursday Everyone!

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm finally kind of returning to a "normal" existence after the heady weekend that was TFF #39.


I have put together a Critic's scorecard for this year's festival that I am planning to unveil in tomorrow's post...see below.

But I'd also like to do a "People's Ratings" of this year's films.  So, please, join in!

Send ratings of all the films you saw 0-5 with 0 being "abysmal" and 5 being "fantastic".  I'll compile them and post "The People's Telluride" on Monday.  

Tell your friends, the more the merrier.

I'll cut off ratings at 9pm (EDT, 6pm PDT) Sunday, Sept. 9.

Send ratings to me via email : OR just "comment" here on the blog with your films and ratings.

This should be interesting and fun.


As mentioned above, I'm going to have a Critic's/Film Bloggers Scorecard of the Telluride 2012 films up on Friday.  I'm very excited about it.  Some really great people have agreed to participate: Sasha Stone/Awards Daily, Scott Feinberg/The Hollywood Reporter, Eugene Hernandez/Film Society of Lincoln Center and co-founder of IndieWire, Kris Tapley/InContention, Alex Billington/First Showing and Eugene Novikov of Film Blather.

It's an incredibly distinguished list and I feel very fortunate that they've agreed to be included.


Almost unnoticed by me as it was happening was the 50,000th view of Michael's Telluride Film Blog.  It happened sometime Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Now, I know that's small potatoes in the grand scheme of the Interweb...but it sounds big to me.

It's also a measure of the growth of MTFB that it happened over the weekend while the fest was happening. I had projected earlier in the summer that I thought that I'd get to 50,000 before Halloween.  So to get there a couple of months early was both surprising and gratifying.

Thanks Readers!

5 DAYS IN 2013

To reiterate the announcement from last week from the fest's poobahs...TFF #40 will be a 5 day affair...starting on Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013.

And, as you might expect, preparations seem to already be underway or in the planning stages.

I happened to be on line Sunday morning behind two employees of The know THE Academy.  They cryptically mentioned that work had already begun from their end on some special programming for next year's fest.

That's all they'd say...but it was enough to get me jazzed...

OK, I was also jazzed that I was minutes away from seeing Marion Cotillard in person...

But my "jazzedness" was increased.

How fast can you make a year go???

More later...

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Home Again/Greta and Noah/Consensus and What We Saw

Good Wednesday to All!


I'm back in Oklahoma and writing this entry from my P.C. in my office.  It's nice to be in familiar surroundings but, as I'm sure you'll agree, it's also hard to make myself leave the magic of the Telluride Film Festival behind.  Nevertheless, the day looms and students will show up in my classroom expecting some education to happen so I'd better gird up!


One of the best surprises of the SHOW this year, I thought anyway, was Noah Baumbach's "Frances Ha" which featured and was written by Greta Gerwig both of whom were in Telluride with the film.  Now, I have never been a big Baumbach fan but this film, which seems something of a departure for him, I liked it quite a lot.  The Art Director was even more enamored of the film than I was.

Now, I'm usually the guy that will stop some of "the talent" to strike up a conversation and not The Art Director but she ran across the couple on Colorado Ave. as I I was finishing a purchase of some gifts for our grandkids.  So imagine my surprise as I came out of the store to find her engaged in a rather animated discussion of the film and her admiration of it with both Gerwig and Baumbach.

So...I joined in.  It was fun.  They were kind.

Good movie.


I have had a nice response to my request from various Film Bloggers/Critics to share their reactions to the films they saw this past weekend and I'm going to be able to publish that consensus on Friday.  I really pleased to tell you that included will be (as of this morning):  Kristopher Tapley/InContention, Sasha Stone/Awards Daily. Eugene Hernandez/Film Society of Lincoln Center and co-founder of IndieWire, Alex Billington/First Showing, Eugene Novikov/Film Blather and Scott Feinberg/The Hollywood Reporter.

I may have a couple more before I post on Friday.


I want you're ratings too!  Send me your ratings for the films you saw last weekend at TFF #39.  I'll compile those and post a "People's Ratings" next Monday.

Just rate each film you saw.  0 for just abysmal to 5 for perfection and we'll see how we peeps do in comparison.

Let's get everyone involved.  Call, email, tweet, Facebook your friends who were there and send those ratings in!

Email ratings to: OR

OR just leave me a comment here on the blog with your ratings.  Should be fun.

More later...

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