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Abyss Trailer/Vreeland Movement/The Artist Speaking/Clooney's Dilemma/Oscars On Parade/Knightley's Move/Timberlake & Llewyn/

Good Morning everyone from the Oklahoma Panhandle on a Monday...


Werner Herzog's death row documentary has been making waves since its debut in Telluride nearly two months ago.  The Toronto screening seemed to be well received and the film is scheduled for release before the end of the year.  Now comes a trailer for it in good rhythm to keep the heat alive as we continue to careen towards awards season.  You can take a gander at the trailer via (seriously) here:

or more conventionally from The Playlist here:


Another documentary that played at TFF #38 was "Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel".  Word was out this week that the film has been sold to several foreign markets.  You'll find info concerning that move from both IndieWire here:

And here:|News|LatestNews


Michel Hazanavicius' "The Artist" continues to please audiences and rake in Film Fest awards. posted an interview from The Wrap's Chris Willman (whom we met at Telluride this year in the screening for "Butter", Yikes!  My less than stellar review for "Butter" for The Playlist can be found here: ).

Here's Chris' article:


Oh to be George Clooney...for many reasons not the least of which is the enviable dilemma of having the chance for too many Oscar nominations and campaigns to handle...

Though, frankly, I think his shot at much traction for nominations for "The Ides of March" has come and gone.  But that's just me and my perception of the the way the wind seems to be blowing.

You might want to look at Greg Kilday's piece from The Hollywood Reporter about George's dilemma...


 For a snapshot of the expert's view of where the Oscar race might be right now (other than my post from last Thursday of the second volume of this year's Clearinghouse) take a look/listen to Anne Thompson and Kris Tapley's Oscar podcast "Oscar Talk" posted here:

Also you might want to peruse David Poland's 19 Weeks to Oscar column over at The Movie City News here:


Speaking of Oscar and Telluride 2011 films, SPC has reportedly decided to campaign for Keira Knightley in the Best Actress category for David Cronenberg's "A Dangerous Method".  There has been a good deal of speculation about where her performance would be slotted (Actress or Supporting Actress?).  My view...don't go there, I thought her performance was over the top.  But I also know from the buzz in T-ride and since that there are a good number of people who thought she was quite good.  Does it mean that there are enough of those to land a nomination?  I'm very skeptical...

HitFix has the lowdown on the SPC decision here:


I tweeted earlier this week that Variety was reporting that the Coen Brothers were high on Justin Timberlake for their new project "Inside Llewyn Davis" (already on board: Carey Mulligan and Oscar Issac).  Now comes a slew of confirmation articles from around the blogosphere.  Take a look:

The original post from Variety:|News|FilmNews

The Playlist:

Get The Big Picture:

That's all for now...back with more on Thursday!

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Film Awards Clearinghouse 2011 Vol. 2/A Lot of Shame/Some Descendants News/Talk About Kevin

Howdy on a Thursday...

A month after the first Clearinghouse and things have changed somewhat in terms of the expectations for the upcoming Oscar race.  Let's break it down...

This edition of the Clearinghouse utilizes publicly posted/accessible data from Awards Daily, Hollywood Elsewhere, Incontention at HitFix, Scott Feinberg at The Hollywood Reporter, Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood, Dave Poland at Movie City News, Film Experience and Film Misery.  Telluride #38 films are Bold!


1) The Artist
2) The Descendants
3) The Help
4) Moneyball
5) War Horse
6) Midnight in Paris
7) Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
8) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
9) J. Edgar
10) The Ides of March

Dropping Out: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
Hot: The Help, Paris, Extremely Loud, Girl...Tattoo
Cold: War Horse, J. Edgar
Comments:  At this point there would likely be 7 nominees.  I'm less than confident about the prospects of the two summertime releases (Help and Paris).  I wouldn't be surprised to see them fade as the holiday onslaught hits (especially Paris). 
Soapbox:  I have been beating my very tiny drum for specific performers/films since Telluride concluded and have decided to do a little more of that...So..."Shame" for Best Pic!


1) Alexander Payne/Descendants
2) Bennett Miller/Moneyball
3) Michel Hazanvicius/Artist
4) Steven Spielberg/War Horse
5) Woody Allen/Paris
6) Stephen Daldry/Extremely Loud
7) Terrence Malick/Tree of Life
8) David Fincher/Girl...Tattoo
9) Tomas Alfredson/Tinker, Tailor...
10) Clint Eastwood/J. Edgar

Dropping Out: Clooney/Ides
Hot: Payne, Miller, Daldry, Fincher
Not: Hazanavicius, Spielberg, Alfredson, Eastwood
Comment: Payne named by all 8 sources.
Soapbox: McQueen/Shame


1) Viola Davis/Help
2) Glenn Close/Nobbs
3) Meryl Streep/Iron Lady
4) Michelle Williams/Marilyn
5) Charlize Theron/Young Adult
6) Tilda Swinton/Kevin
7) Rooney Mara/Girl...Tattoo
8) Elizabeth Olsen/Martha Marcy...
9) Kirsten Dunst/Melancholia
10) Olivia Colman/Tyrannosaurus

Dropping Out: Jones/Like Crazy, Knightley/Dangerous Method
Hot: Davis, Theron, Mara, Dunst and Colman
Not: Streep and Olsen
Comment: Why do I have the feeling that "The Iron Lady" isn't going to be very good?
Soapbox:  I'm okay here.


1) George Clooney/Descendants
2) Jean Dujardin/Artist
3) Brad Pitt/Moneyball
4) Gary Oldman/Tinker, Tailor...
5) Michael Fassbender/Shame
6) Leonardo DiCaprio/J. Edgar
7) Woody Harrelson/Rampart
8) Ryan Gosling/Ides
9) Michael Shannon/Take Shelter
10) Joseph Gordon-Levitt/50/50

Dropping Out: Fassbender/Dangerous Method, Matt Damon/Zoo
Hot: Dujardin, Pitt, Fassbender, Harrelson, Gordon-Levitt
Not: DiCaprio, Gosling, Shannon
Comment: Fassbender and Harrelson with a lot of heat the last couple of weeks.  Despite being as far out as we are, I suspect the 5 noms will come from the top 7.
Soapbox:  Fassbender!


1) Olivia Spencer/Help
2) Vanessa Redgrave/Coriolanus
3) Shailene Woodley/Descendants
4) Janet McTeer/Nobbs
5) Berenice Bejo/Artist
6) Judi Dench/J. Edgar
7) Jessica Chastain/Help
8) Carey Mulligan/Shame
9) Judy Greer/Descendants
10) Melissa McCarthy/Bridesmaids

Dropping Out: Bullock/Extremely Loud, Watts/War Horse
Hot: Woodley, Mulligan, Greer, McCarthy
Not: Bejo
Comment:  I think I said as Telluride was coming to an end that this could be a really T-ride heavy category.  If the cards fell right, all 5 noms could be from TFF #38...that won't happen, though.  Spencer is a lock and Redgrave is nearly one.
Soapbox: Mulligan!


1) Christopher Plummer/Beginners
2) Albert Brooks/Drive
3) Max Von Sydow/Extremely Loud
4) Kenneth Brannagh/Marilyn
5) Jonah Hill/Moneyball
6) Philip Seymour Hoffman/Ides
7) Brad Pitt/Tree of Life
8) Jim Broadbent/Iron Lady
9) Tom Hanks/Extremely Loud
10) John Hawkes/Martha Marcy...

Dropping Out: Nolte/Warrior, Mortensen/Dangerous Method, Ezra Miller/Kevin
Hot: Von Sydow, Hill, Pitt, Hanks, Hawkes
Not: Well, you know, the guys that dropped out.
Comment: Just the opposite of Supporting actress.  Not a Telluride performance currently in the top ten.  It's a weird year...Jonah Hill??? Really??? And the answer is "yes".  He's surprisingly good in "Moneyball".  Brooks looks like a probable nominee...and his performance is fine and it's not your typical Albert Brooks (actually, it kind of IS), but this is an over rated performance.  I expect that the top 5 are all in pretty good shape and that the actual biggest threat to disrupt them is John Hawkes.
Soapbox: Ezra Miller in "We Need to Talk About Kevin" and Corey Stoll in "Midnight in Paris".


1) Midnight in Paris
2) The Artist
3) The Tree of Life
4)  Young Adult
5) The Iron Lady
6) J. Edgar
7) Bridesmaids
8) Like Crazy
9) Win Win
10) Shame

Dropping Out: Martha Marcy, Take Shelter
Hot: Tree of Life, Young Adult, Win Win, Shame
Not: J. Edgar, Like Crazy
Comment: The category is very fluid.  Paris looks like the only lock at this point.
Soapbox: A Separation and Beginners!


1) The Descendants
2) Moneyball
3) Extremely Loud
4) War Horse
5) Tinker, Tailor...
6) The Ides of March
7) Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
8) The Help
9) Drive
10) Carnage

Dropping Out: Kevin, Dangerous Method
Hot: Moneyball, Tattoo, Drive
Not: Tinker Tailor..., Carnage
Comment: Descendants and Moneyball look pretty solid.
Soapbox: I'm good here, too.

The count (if the above actually was correct) in the Big 8 Categories:

The Descendants: 5 noms and another possible.
The Artist: 5 noms
Albert Nobbs: 2 noms
Shame: 1 nom and 2 more possible
Kevin: 1 possible

Telluirde total 13 nominations with another 4 possible.  That's actually down from the 13 and 7 from the last Clearinghouse post largely due to the complete disappearance of "A Dangerous Method".

Meanwhile, Scott Feinberg has his latest Oscar dissection "Feinberg and Friends" up at The Hollywood Reporter.  Check it here:


It's official.  What we all thought would happen has happened.  Steve McQueen's "Shame" has officially been rated NC-17 by the MPAA.  It's no surprise but it will challenge the folks at Fox Searchlight during this awards season.  I hope that they can turn the trick as I have been a big supporter of this film since it played in Telluride.  Here is exhaustive coverage of the MPAA decision from this week.

From The Wrap:

The Hollywood Reporter:

Rope of Silicon:

Movie City News:

In other "Shame" news, I have included a couple of links to interviews with McQueen and star Michael Fassbender.

From the New York Film Festival via youtube:

also from Sight and Sound:

And a conversation with co-star Carey Mulligan from Movie City News:


And finally a look at an interview with "The Descendants" writer/director Alexander Payne from IndieWire:


This was a good week for Lynne Ramsay's "We Need to Talk About Kevin".  It picked up the BFI London Film Festival Best Film Award.  Details are here from The Hollywood Reporter:

And it released a new, and well received new poster (seen above).  More poster info can be found at The Playlist:

And also at Cinema Blend:

See you Monday!

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Herzog Speaks/Fox Searchlight Has Shame/After Kevin/Noah!/Carey and Llewyn/20 Weeks to Oscar

Good Monday Morning (if such a thing is possible).  Just back from Santa Fe and a relaxing fall break.  This week is State One Act Play Contest (Saturday in Bixby, OK.  Bring it!)


Telluride regular, advisor and gadfly Werner Herzog is all over the interweb this past week as he ramps up for the end of year release of his death row documentary "Into the Abyss" which appeared as a part of this year's SHOW.  Herzog can be found holding forth in a couple of places over at IndieWire.


And also with Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood here:


Fox Searchlight continues to be very aggressive in its plans to push Steve McQueen's "Shame" as we get closer to the meat of Oscar (and other awards) seasons.  I have to admire their aggressiveness on behalf of a film that will be a tough sell.  Despite the glowing reviews (including mine) the almost certain NC-17 rating and the raw subject matter will make this an uphill slog.  That being said, FS is reportedly going to push for Fassbender and Mulligan in acting categories (as they should) as well as Best Pic, screenplay and director.  FS (as one of the blogs listed below has said) may be the best suited outfit to champion this film in light of last year's terrific effort for "Black Swan".

Here are a number of posts that reported this past week on Fox Searchlight's strategy.


ScreenDaily: (for BAFTA)


"We Need to Talk About Kevin" writer/director Lynne Ramsay reportedly has her sights set on her next effort and it sounds, well...odd.  The Playlist (at indieWire) reported this week that Ramsay will adapt "Moby Dick".  Wait, I know that doesn't seem all that's the kicker...she will reportedly set the film in space...
"Moby Dick in Space"...really.  Take a look at the story form The Playlist:


News from here and there this week about Darren Aronofsky's "Noah" project (Aronofsky was at Telluride last year with the aforementioned "Black Swan").
The Playlist has some hints about what the film might look like based on graphic novel images.  find that here:

And also at Rope of Silicon here:

MORE LLWEYN DAVIS  (and I think it's exciting news)

Last week we reported that the Coen Brothers had found their actor for the title role in their low budget indie pic "Inside Llewyn Davis" based, at least to some extent, on Dave Van Ronk and the folk music scene in NYC in the early 60's.  That casting tidbit was Oscar Issac from (among other titles) "Drive".  Now The Playlist reports that the Coens have cast the female lead (and if you've seen "Drive", this may make your eyes cross a little) and that is Carey Mulligan.  Mulligan and Issac were husband and wife in "Drive".

Since her appearance in "An Education" my appreciation for Ms. Mulligan has grown and grown and, as many of you know, I'm all about her performance in "Shame".  So I am very excited to see what she and the Coens do together.

Here's a link to Carey Mulligan casting news via The Playlist:


David Poland has his new Oscar forecast up at Movie City News.  Check it here:

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All Things Descendants/Peeps to Watch/Cronenberg is Dangerous/Hungary for Taxes

Good Morning Thursday  from beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico.  MTFB/FAC is in town for some relaxation and perhaps a film or two from the Santa Fe Film Festival which opened here last night with a screening of "The Artist."


A big splash from Fox Searchlight earlier this week for the Alexander Payne film that premiered in Telluride this year (reviewed here by yours truly on The Playlist: ) .  The film which stars George Clooney closed the New York Film Festival, launched a new trailer and a new website.  The film has a lot of Oscar buzz ahead of its release.

Here's a link to a NYFF interview with The Playlist featuring Clooney and Payne:

I have also included multiple links to the new trailer:
Rope of Silicon:

Awards Daily:

And also, multiple links to the new "Descendants" website:
Fox Searchlight:

The Hollywood Reporter:

Finally, here's a very nice interview of director Alexander Payne by Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood.  You'll recognize the background behind Payne's photo.


Two interesting articles from IndieWire about under-appreciated or unknown acting performances that they think should merit some awards attention.  The male version is here:

It's notable for its inclusion of Ezra Miller's crazy good performance as the titular Kevin in "We Need to Talk About Kevin".  I'm all about seconding the notion that he should get some awards traction.

The female counterpart to that story is here:

It includes shout outs to Tilda Swinton for "Kevin" and...drumroll please...Carey Mulligan in "Shame".  Yes...PLEASE.


The Hollywood Reporter's Scott Feinberg sat down with "A Dangerous Method" director David Cronenberg recently to talk to him about the upcoming film that appeared as a part of this year's Telluride program (to mixed response...I wasn't a fan).  Here's your link to that story:


And here's one of those stories that really has nothing to do with Telluride's Film Fest  but is about film and is, at least to me, mildly humorous.  Hungary, looking for funding sources for its film industry...Tax it...what is "it"?   Read the story from Variety at this link:|News|LatestNews

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Shame on View/Film Festival Awards/The Artist/Foreign Film/Llewyn???

Good Monday morning everyone...fall break in a couple of days...


It hasn't been a secret that I have been a big fan of Steve McQueen's "Shame" form this year's festival.  I'm also a big fan of the performances of both Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan in the film. I'd like to see them get some Oscar traction over these next few months.

Well, the pitch continued this week as we now have a trailer for the film which seems a little unbelievable that they were able to find enough non-R rated footage to put one together...but they have and it's impressive and here are multiple links to it:

From Thompson on Hollywood:


From Awards Daily:


From Rope of Silicon:

From The Playlist:


The awards for this year's Chicago International Film Festival have been announced.  Many Telluride #38 films are on that list including: "Le Havre", "The Forgiveness of Blood", "The Artist", and "Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel".  Here's that story via Movie City News:

Also, "A Separation" (now apparently entitled "Nadar and Simin: A Separation") continues to impress as it was named the winner of the People's Choice Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival.  The Hollywood Reporter provided that story:

Additionally, "The Artist" won the audience prize this weekend at The Hampton International Film Festival.  That story is her from


Speaking of "The Artist" and its continuing run of success through the fall film festival season. you can find a nifty story about its genesis and other such matters at The Playlist here:


Guy Lodge has a lengthy piece up at HitFix/Incontention about the Foreign Language Oscar race and a link there to the list of what he says now are the 63 eligible films.


And finally, word from multiple sources that The Coen Brothers have cast their title character in what is billed as an odd to 60's folk music.  The film is entitled (at least for now ) "Inside Llewyn Davis" and Oscar Issac is reportedly cast in the role.  Issac appeared most recently in "Drive" and Madonna's "W.E.

Issac's IMDb page is here:

Look at these reports for more "Llewyn Davis" details:

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Clooney and Mulligan Honored/Fassbender and McQueen Part Three/New Payne/New Rules on Old Oscars

Good Thursday Morning Edmond, OK this A.M. for Regional One Act Play Contest...


How hot are TFF #38 Tributee George Clooney and Telluride featured performer (3 straight years with a film at the festival) Carey Mulligan?  Aside from the fact that Clooney seems to be headed for a nearly certain Best Actor nomination for "The Descendants" and that Mulligan is part of the Supporting Actress conversation for "Shame" the two will be feted by The Hollywood Film Awards.  Clooney will be named Actor of the Year according to Scott Feinberg at The Hollywood Reporter:

Mulligan will also be named Supporting Actress of the Year by the same group according to

In addition to Clooney and Mulligan other TFF #38 film actors who will be honored include Berenice Bejo and Jean Dujardin from "The Artist" and Shailene Woodley from "The Descendants".

Glenn Close (Albert Nobbs) will also be honored for lifetime achievement and "Artist" director Michel Hazanavicius will receive an honor for Breakthrough Direction.


First they collaborated on "hunger" which showed at the SHOW in 2008.  Then their sophomore collaboration is this year's conversation piece (and Best Film of the Year so far, for my money) "Shame".  Now comes word that actor Michael Fassbender and writer/director Steve  McQueen will take a third spin together.

They are set to film an adaptation of "12 Years a Slave" a true story set in 1841 of a free African-American who was kidnapped and enslaved for a dozen years.  Chiwetel Ejiofor is set to play the lead in the film.  Find details from Anne Thompson at Thompson on Hollywood (indieWire) here:

One could expect that if completed in a Telluride friendly time frame and if McQueen and Fassbender provide the same quality with this project as they have provided with their first two joint efforts, then we'll likely see the film in 2012 or 2013  in the San Juans.

Thompson says that the film will start lensing in early 2012.


Another familiar face at Telluride the last three years has been Alexander Payne.  Payne has been guest director (in 2009) and was there with "The Descendants" this year.  And he may return very soon as it was announced yesterday that he was working on casting for his next project entitled "Nebraska" and that names in play include Jack Nicholson, Robert Duvall and Gene Hackman.  Check the story at The Playlist (indieWire) here:

Again, at completion and with Payne having had good success at Telluride this year, you'd think that "Nebraska" would be a likely 2012 or 2013 TFF film.


Sasha Stone at Awards Daily has delved deep into the numbers and applied the new Best Pic Oscar rules (5-10 nominations) to some past years.  For hoots, take a look at what that might have meant here:

More on Monday!!!


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Santa Fe Has Film Too/Fassbender Speaks/Foreign Films at the Fore/Oscar Talk/Herzog Persuades

It's apologies...


Santa Fe's 12th Independent Film Fest announced its 2011 lineup this weekend.  The fest is set for Oct. 20-23 and I'll be there during a good part of it...but I saw a lot of titles at Telluride...the overlap includes "The Artist" (the opening night film), "Le Havre" and "A Separation".  Titles that are intriguing to me that SFFF announced: "Coriolanus" (which I will miss as it is scheduled for Sunday late afternoon), "The Deep Blue Sea" and "Once Upon a Time in Anatolia", Canadian Oscar entry "Monsieur Lazhar" and "Sleeping Beauty".

The complete Santa Fe lineup can be found on their website here:

Last year's SFFF included TFF #37 films "Le Quattro Volte", The Princess of Montpensier" as well as Cannes Palme D"Or winner "Uncle Boonmee..."

I don't know how much or which films I will get in.  I'm also looking at trying to get in "The Ides of March" while I'm there...I'll let you know.


Red hot actor Michael Fassbender was represented at this year's Telluride Film Festival in two high profile projects, David Cronenberg's (unsuccessful) "A Dangerous Method" and Steve McQueen's (brilliant) "Shame".  Consequently Fassbender is getting a lot of media play.  I have a couple of interviews with him that appeared this week.  The first is from The New York Times.  Find it here:

The other appears at BBC America.  You can access it here:

Fassbender for Best Actor (for "Shame")...the campaign continues..and for Carey Mulligan in the same film!


The deadline for submission for foreign film Oscar consideration has coma and gone.  The complete list includes (as you might expect) a good number of films that were a part of this year's TFF.  Among them:

Le Havre
The Turin Horse
A Separation
In Darkness

The Academy will cut the complete list to 9 films from which the 5 nominated films will be chosen.  Telluride will be well represented when the nominations are announced in this category.

Also in foreign film news related to TFF #38 films, The Playlist's (indieWire) Christopher Bell reviews "The Turin Horse" here:

And Women and Hollywood (indieWire) interviews "In Darkness" director Agniezska Holland here:


Anne Thompson (Thompson on Hollywood) and Kris Tapley (InContention/HitFix) have their weekly conversation about the state of the Oscar race on their podcast Oscar Talk which you can link to here:

Thompson also has provided her "weekly wrap" of newsworthy items that is both comprehensive and touches/links to many Telluride related stories.  Among topics that she lists are:

The Island President
A Dangerous Method
Into the Abyss
In Darkness
George Harrison:Living in the Material World

Plus a lot more.  You can find it here:


And finally word this week that Werner Herzog has persuaded Sundance Selects to release his death penalty documentary "Into the Abyss"  before the end of the year.  He must be very good.  The story is here via The Playlist:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Werner's New Gig/A Separation Hero?/Shame Has a Date/Le Havre on the Web/Close Honored/Not Really Telluride Related

Hope that everyone is having a good week and Good Morning on a Thursday.


Word that Telluride regular and Board of Advisor member and TFF #38 presenter (Into the Abyss) Werner Herzog has a new gig.  He'll be acting.  With Tom Cruise.  As a villain.  Color me shocked?

Can't say that it's all that surprising.  Herzog has reportedly been cast in Chris McQuarrie's "One Shot" an adaptation of a Lee Child novel.

Anne Thompson(Thompson on Hollywood/indieWire) has the scoop:


I met Asghar Farhadi, the writer-director of "A Separation"briefly at this year's fest and what a quiet and unassuming man he seemed to be.  That sentiment is echoed by Steven Zeitchik at The Envelope from the L.A. Times in a nice piece about the Iranian director and the film, which has continued on from Telluride and has picked up some steam along the way.  It is Iran's entry for consideration for this year's Foreign Language Oscar.

Zeitchik's profile is here:


Despite continuing concerns about its commercial viability, Steve McQueen's "Shame" now has a release date in the U.S. according to Fox Searchlight, which is distributing the film.  I still maintain that it was the Best Film of TFF #38 and that Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan deserve Oscar noms for their performances.  Details of "Shame's" release can be found via The Playlist (indieWire) here:

Further details are from Inside Pulse here:


Janus Films has announced that it has an official website up and running for Finnish Oscar hopeful "Le Havre".  That can be found here:


"Albert Nobbs" star and likely Oscar nominee for Best Actress Glenn Close will be honored for her lifetime of work by The Hollywood Film Festival.  The Hollywood Reporter has the details:


Two trailers for films that didn't play at Telluride but figure to be strong players in the Oscar race.
First for Stephen Daldry's "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close".  I read the novel and thought parts were beautiful, parts were "precious" and some parts were derivative.  That said, the trailer looks ...well...great...Details and a link to the trailer from Get the Big Picture here:

And the new trailer for Steven Spielberg's "War Horse":

And finally, I am now breathlessly awaiting this...The Coen Brothers do T.V.  Oh my.  Looking forward to "HarveKarbo"  News and details from The Playlist (indieWire) here;

And also from HitFix here:

Check back on Monday!