Thursday, October 20, 2011

All Things Descendants/Peeps to Watch/Cronenberg is Dangerous/Hungary for Taxes

Good Morning Thursday  from beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico.  MTFB/FAC is in town for some relaxation and perhaps a film or two from the Santa Fe Film Festival which opened here last night with a screening of "The Artist."


A big splash from Fox Searchlight earlier this week for the Alexander Payne film that premiered in Telluride this year (reviewed here by yours truly on The Playlist: ) .  The film which stars George Clooney closed the New York Film Festival, launched a new trailer and a new website.  The film has a lot of Oscar buzz ahead of its release.

Here's a link to a NYFF interview with The Playlist featuring Clooney and Payne:

I have also included multiple links to the new trailer:
Rope of Silicon:

Awards Daily:

And also, multiple links to the new "Descendants" website:
Fox Searchlight:

The Hollywood Reporter:

Finally, here's a very nice interview of director Alexander Payne by Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood.  You'll recognize the background behind Payne's photo.


Two interesting articles from IndieWire about under-appreciated or unknown acting performances that they think should merit some awards attention.  The male version is here:

It's notable for its inclusion of Ezra Miller's crazy good performance as the titular Kevin in "We Need to Talk About Kevin".  I'm all about seconding the notion that he should get some awards traction.

The female counterpart to that story is here:

It includes shout outs to Tilda Swinton for "Kevin" and...drumroll please...Carey Mulligan in "Shame".  Yes...PLEASE.


The Hollywood Reporter's Scott Feinberg sat down with "A Dangerous Method" director David Cronenberg recently to talk to him about the upcoming film that appeared as a part of this year's Telluride program (to mixed response...I wasn't a fan).  Here's your link to that story:


And here's one of those stories that really has nothing to do with Telluride's Film Fest  but is about film and is, at least to me, mildly humorous.  Hungary, looking for funding sources for its film industry...Tax it...what is "it"?   Read the story from Variety at this link:|News|LatestNews

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