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Cannes Adds/Nebraska in November/Rudderless Rolls/Depp Into the Woods?

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As is often the case, The Cannes Film Festival added some titles to various components of their slate as the week ended.  The original lineup was announced on Apr. 18.  The day after, Cannes crew added Ari Folman's "The Congress".  Then this week, they added 5 more titles.  IndieWire has the rundown of the new selections including Jim Jarmusch's vampire tale"Only Lovers Left Alive" starring 2011 Telluride tributee Tilda Swinton.  Here's the post from IndieWire:


Alexander Payne sporting an Oscar

Paramount has announced that Alexander Payne's next project, "Nebraska", starring Bruce Dern and Will Forte will be released on Nov. 22.  The film will get its world premiere next month at Cannes and I fully expect its North American premiere will happen in the San Juan Mountains over Labor Day weekend.  The Hollywood Reporter has details here:

The Playlist also dropped a story:


William H. Macy's directing debut is through its first week of filming here in Oklahoma.  Executive Producer and co-writer Casey Twenter posted a couple of interesting pics this weekend:

Casey Twenter and writing/producing partner Jeff Robison with "Rudderless" star Laurence Fishburne

Fishburne autographed this copy of the script

And the piece de resistance...karaoke in OKC this weekend...

Casey, Jeff and some guy they call Bill...


Not that it has any real connection to Telluride...but the interweb was full of reports this weekend that Johnny Depp was close to signing onto a Disney production of the Stephen Sondheim (There's your Telluride connection...Sondheim guest directed the festival in 2003)  musical "Into the Woods".  Purportedly Depp would re-team with his "Pirates/Stranger Tides" director Rob Marshall.  Also, reportedly, Meryl Streep's name is being bandied about as playing the central character of The Witch.

I'm of two minds here...I love the stage musical and the original production starring Bernadette Peters and the notion of a film version is both enticing and frightening...

But I'll show up to see it, should it come to pass, just to satisfy my curiosity.

Here's a story about the possibility from The Playlist:

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