Thursday, May 14, 2015

Oscar and Cannes/Trailers from Cannes/Carol: Views and Cate/Kurzel on "Macbeth"/"Sea of Trees" Goes to Roadside


Sasha Stone of Awards Daily and Kris Tap;y of InContention (HitFix) both take a look at the connection or lack thereof between Cannes and Oscar and what that might mean for this year's incarnation of both events:


I have linked a modestly comprehensive look at the trailer for films playing at the Cannes Film Festival from IndieWire here:


"Carol" clip via YouTube

I feel fairly optimistic that we'll see Todd Haynes "carol" at Telluride in September.  It's currently at the starting gate in Cannes as a Palme d'Or competition film.  As a part of the run up to the screening, a 22 second clip has been made available and that is what you see from YouTube above.  

Additionally, Cate Blanchett is all over the media this week talking about her own personal connection to the character she is playing.  I have linked The Playlist's story about the clip and Blanchett features from Variety, The Dissolve and Thompson on Hollywood below:


Director Justin Kurzel talks his "Macbeth" that features Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender (and that Awards Daily's Sasha Stone, who is currently in Cannes, thinks might well be on Telluride's lineup over Labor Day).  From Screen Daily:


I have been less than upbeat about the chances that Gus Van Sant's Cannes Palme competitor "The Sea of Trees" was a likely T-ride prospect.  The fact that it's at Cannes and in competition makes me notice it.  Gus Van Sant's name on it would have moved it into the "possible/probable" area a few years ago, but Van Sant has been absent from Telluride since 2003.

However, news yesterday that U.S. distribution has been picked up by Roadside Attractions makes it a little more likely.  Roadside has really blossomed at Telluride the last two years with films such as "All is Lost', "The Homesman", " ,71", "Gloria" and "Albert Nobbs".  The acquisition moves "The Sea of Trees" which stars Matthew McConnaughey up a tad in my Telluride reckoning.

Here's a slew of stories from yesterday's RA pickup:

  And this story, that reports that the film has a clip:

More on Monday, including the first critical reactions from the films that have screened at Cannes to that point...

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