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"Secret in Their Eyes" Trailer and a Question/Almodovar Set to Produce Farhadi/Spying on "Snowden" with a Trailer

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"Secret in Their Eyes" trailer via YouTube

We saw the release of a trailer yesterday for "Secret in Their Eyes" starring Julia Roberts, Chiwetel Ejifor and Nicole Kidman.  The film is directed and scripted by Billy Ray ("Shattered Glass"/Telluride 2003).  Ray was Oscar nominated in 2014 for his screenplay for "Captain Phillips".

 The film is based on the 2009 Best Foreign Language Oscar winner from Argentina.

Ray's participation and his past presence at Telluride make the film worth a thought or two concerning its possible inclusion in the T-ride 2015 lineup and also raises a question about the new wave of films being developed and planned for distribution by unusual sources.  "Eyes" is from Showtime and will be distributed by STX Entertainment.  It joins films such as Cart Fukunaga's "Beasts with No Nation" (Netflix) and Liza Johnson's "Elvis and Nixon" (Amazon w/ distribution through Bleecker Street Media-which also has Jay Roach's "Trumbo") that are difficult to evaluate in terms of possible festival status.

Just a couple of years ago the above films would have been stylistically and topically films that I would have thought were strong contenders to play at Telluride but their provenance creates uncertainty.  I'll be very interested to see what happens with these and other films in the same boat with regard to festival and release strategies as we move through the fall.

Nevertheless, I have linked a number of stories that accompanied the trailer release of "Secret in Their Eyes":

"Eyes" is scheduled for its theatrical release on October 23rd, whatever that might mean.


Pedro Almodovar used to be a frequent filmic invitee to the Telluride Film Festival but hasn't had a film selected to play there since 2006's "Volver"  He was represented last year as a producer of one of the festival's biggest hits, Damian Szifron's "Wild Tales".

Recently we learned that Almodovar was going to work on his next film "Silencio" but more newsworthy in terms of T-ride and recent Telluride history was the word yesterday that Almodovar will produce a new film from recent T-ride favorite and Foreign Language Oscar winner Asghar Farhadi ("A Separation"/Telluride 2011 and "The Past"/Telluride 2013).

The film is not expected to begin filming until late 2016.

I have included stories about the new collaboration and Almodover's latest film:


Oliver Stone and a Christmas Day release mean that "Snowden" is really not an incredibly likely choice for a Telluride spot doesn't mean that it's impossible.  "Snowden" stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the NSA contractor that spilled U.S. intelligence gathering secrets and is currently in hiding in Russia.

We got a trailer yesterday which you can see here:

"Snowden" trailer via YouTube

The film is being distributed by Open Road ("Rosewater"/TFF 2014) which does offer a glimmer of hope that it could make a festival play.  Linked below are a number of stories that came with the trailer release:


I'll start the annual summer review of distributors, production companies and "usual suspects" as various prisms through which to view potential Telluride choices next Monday.

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