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The Usual Suspects Part Three/"Dheepan" International Trailer Appears/New Views of "45 Years"

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Today's look at the "Usuals" is a bit different than Parts One and Two.  We begin with two directors who might be on their way to "Usual" status but aren't quite there yet.

Starting with Ariel Vromen who had "The Iceman" at Telluride in 2012.  His latest is "Criminal" starring Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Costner.  It's distributed from Summit Entertainment which, to the best of my abilities to research. has never had a film at T-ride but they've also had plenty of films that would have been T-ride worthy: "50/50", "The Hurt Locker", "Michael Clayton".  The film is scheduled for release in January 2016.  Chances to play: 10%.

The other potential "Usual" is Matteo Garrone who played Telluride in 2008 with his "Gomorrah".  His 2012 film "Reality" played Cannes but was not on the SHOW program.  This year his "Tale of Tales" also played Cannes.  It's his English feature debut and stars Selma Hayek and John C. Riley among others.  I actually think this has a decent shot of making the Telluride lineup.  Chances for The SHOW: 40%.

The individuals in today;s discussion qualify for "Usual Suspect" status but if they attend Telluride this year, it will be in some unusual circumstances.

For example, Alejandro Inarritu.  Inarritu would normally be right at the top of this year's "Ten Bets" list of his "The Revenant" was ready but it will NOT be ready in time for Labor Day.  Instead, if Alejandro is in town, and I wouldn't be all that surprised if he is, it'll be as a fan or in support of a friend, as he was in 2013 for Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity".  I've speculated in this space before that this could be the year that Guillermo Del Toro joins the Telluride club following in the path of his "Tres Amigos" brothers, Inarritu and Cuaron with the highly anticipated "Crimson Peak".  Now, there are more reasons to think that it won't happen than there are to think it will but I don't think it's a completely crazy proposition either and if Del Toro does SHOW and Inarritu is done with re-shoots of "The Revenant" (reportedly he will be) then I believe Alejandro might be in town.

Another "Usual" that has come back to the Telluride fold after having been away for a long time is Francis Ford Coppola.  Coppola has come back the past two years and could return this year with some presentation of the project he began in Oklahoma City this spring: "Distant Vision" his "live cinema" experiment.  It wouldn't stun me if that were to happen.

Finally, there's Steve McQueen who doesn't have a feature film in play but has been working on his own HBO limited series "Codes of Conduct'.  McQueen has clearly been a favorite of the festival with "Hunger" ('08), "Shame" ('11)and "12 Years a Slave" ('13) all making the SHOW.  I could see the fest featuring the HBO show.  The fest has dipped its toe into television long form presentations in the past with "Red Riding" "Burning Bush" and "Carlos" so this wouldn't be the craziest of guesses.  Again, the first key is it if it's ready.


I'd be shocked if Jacques Audiard's Palme d'Or winner, "Dheepan" doesn't play Telluride.  It has been riding high on my "Ten Bets" list all summer and barring some strange news from the announcement of the Toronto film lineup over the next few weeks, that won't change.

The film's first trailer appeared online from both The Film Stage and The Playlist yesterday.  It's an international trailer meaning that the subtitles are in French.  Still, it's intriguing.  Here it is:

"Dheepan" trailer via YouTube

And here are the stories from The Film Stage and The Playlist:

And, also from The Film Stage, "Dheepan" has a new poster as well:


Andrew Haigh's "45 Years" has been high on my list of possible Telluride films since it debuted in Berlin in February.  The film has won rave reviews fro the performances of Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay.  It's distribution is being handled by Sundance Selects.  Perhaps the only reason that suggests that it isn't a Telluride possibility is that it has and will have had played a pretty substantial number of fests (Berlin, Istanbul, Edinburgh, Karlovy Vary...others).

Late last week, The Playlist posted a couple of new clips and the film's poster.  Take a look at the clips and the article here:

That's enough for today...more tomorrow...including the last "Ten Bets" list before the first Toronto announcement on Tuesday.

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