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The Countdown to Cannes Gets Shorter / More from CinemaCon

Hello on the first Monday in April of Kurt Vonnegut might say (well, he wrote it actually)..."Busy, busy, busy"


April 13th...that's the day that we'll find out the bulk of the lineup for the 70th Cannes Film Festival and then we get to try to parse out the 7-10 films that will double up with a play three months later in Colorado.

Indiewire is the latest film outlet with apiece that they put up at the end of last week.  They package it as a 50 film Cannes wish list and there are a good number of the usual suspects including a couple that we have heard won't be ready for the fest (Wenders' Submergence and Frears Victoria and Abdul are what I'm talking about here).

Nevertheless, the Indiewire 50 includes:

Alexander Payne's Downsizing
Michael Haneke's Happy End
Andrew Haigh's Lean on Pete
Abdelatif Kechiche's Mektoub is Mektoub
Michel Hazanavicius' Redoubtable
Todd Haynes Wonderstruck
Lynne Ramsay's You Were Never Really Here

But there are others among the 50 that might well make a case either because they have also played Telluride in the past or because I thought strongly in some past year that they would.  That group of five (from this Indiewire "wish list") includes:

Samuel Maoz's Foxtrot.  I thought strongly that Maoz's Lebanon was going to make the TFF lineup in 2009.  Didn't happen despite being distributed by frequent Telluride player Sony Pictures Classics.

Michelangelo Frammartino's Late Spring.  Frammartino played Telluride in 2010 with Le Quattro Volte.

Haifaa Al Mansour's Mary Shelley.  Al Mansour's Wadjda played T-ride in 2012.

Warwick Thornton's Sweet Country.  Thornton made a splash at the 2009 TFF with Samson and Delilah

Hirokazu Kore Eda's The Third Murder.  I thought his Like Father, Like Son was going to play in 2013 but it did not.

So there you have it... half a dozen usual suspects plus another five that are quite as "usual" but might end up with the Cannes-Telluride double play.

The complete 50 film wish list from Indiewire is here.


CinemaCon was highlighted in my last post for having featured both Payne's Downsizing and Clooney's Suburbicon.  After that post Todd Haynes Wonderstruck was featured as well as Stephen Chbosky's Wonder.  After reading this reaction to the film from The Wrap I'm inclined to think that we might be wise to keep an eye on the film.  It's got some things going for it that make one think that it could make the trip to the San Juans.  Lionsgate has the film and they and their affiliated companies have been making Telluride a regular part of their Labor Day for awhile now with films such as La La Land, All is Lost and The Homesman.

And then there's Julia Roberts.  She's another one of those folks that I include some years as a part of the Unified Clooney Theory.  Last year, Casey Affleck was tributed and won an Oscar and is also part of the U.C.T..

Could you get behind a Julia Roberts tribute?  I could.

As mentioned above, CinemaCon attendees were also treated to footage from Wonderstruck.  Here's the link to the coverage from Indiewire.

That's it for this Monday.  More to come on Thursday.


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