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Cannes Adds Classics and Docs About Films / Some Films Are Off the Telluride Table / Re-visiting the 29th Telluride Film Festival 2002

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The 70th Cannes Film Fest seems to have finished all of their lineup announcements this past week with the addition of classic films and documentaries.  In as far as Telluride is concerned, the documentaries likely provide more ground for potential TFF programming.  Two jumped out at me as interesting and, perhaps, TFF possibilities:  Filmworker focuses on the story of an assistant for Stanley Kubrick and Becoming Cary Grant takes a look at the life of the icon with a focus on his use of LSD.

Though you wouldn't expect to see them at Telluride, I was struck of the inclusion of Blow Up, A River Runs Through It, All That Jazz and Belle du Jour among the classics selections

The Film Stage lays out the details here.


Brie Larson in The Glass Castle (via Collider)

A couple of films that I have been keeping my eye on as potential TFF #44 titles went by the wayside this week as they were dated for release in windows that make TFF #44 either impossible or extremely unlikely;  Jason Reitman's newest collaboration with Diablo Cody is headed for release in April of 2018.  Tully has been on my radar simply because it's from the creators behind 2007's Juno. Reitman has had significant run through Telluride over the past decade with Juno (07), Up in the Air (09) and Labor Day (13) but his Young Adult (11) and Men Women and Children (14) did not play the fest.

Details including a suggestion that Tully might play Toronto (and the dating of the new Paul Thomas Anderson film) can be found in this post from The Playlist.

Meanwhile, Destin Daniel Cretton's The Glass Castle starring Brie Larson has been announced for Aug. 11th , making it out of play for T-ride.  It's been on my list as the twosome of Cretton and Larson were paired in the critical success Short Term 12 in 2013 and also as a result of Larson's Best Actress win for 2015's Room.

Reports of the dating for release are here from Variety and here from The Wrap.


In an effort to provide a history of the Telluride Film Festival I continue to use the wayback machine and take a look back at past Telluride Film Festivals.  Utilizing past programs, yearbooks and conversations with past attendees, I have undertaken to supplement the History section of the TFF official website.  The website includes links to TFF programs dating from last year's fest back to the 33rd TFF in 2006.

Beginning a few weeks past with TFF 32, MTFB is attempting to fill in the gaps back to the beginning.  In addition to supplementing the official website, it is my intent that this stroll down memory lane will eventually take the place of the "Selected TFF History" page here at MTFB.  Obviously, it is not going to be a rapid process...that said...

The 29th Telluride Film Festival took place form Aug. 30-Sept. 2, 2002.

Guest Director: Alberto Barbera
Tributes: Peter O'Toole, Paul Schrader, D.A. Pennebaker

Here are the feature films that were a part of The SHOW:

Auto Focus
Bandits of Orgosolo
Bitter Rice
The Black Pirate
Blind Spot
Bowling for Columbine
Cinerama Adventure
City of God
Il Posto
Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell
Ken Park
Le Corbeau
Lost in La Mancha
The Man Without a Past
Max et les Frerailleuers
Morvern Callar
My Mother's Smile
Night Mail II
Old Believers
Only the Strong Survive
Rabbit Proof Fence
Russian Ark
Safe Passage
See What Happens: The Story of D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus
Singin' in the Rain
Spirited Away
Talk to Her
The Tramp and the Dictator
The War
Willie Nelson: Still is Still Moving
The Wonderful Lies of Nina Petrowna

Partial List of Guests:

Ken Burns
Betty Comden
David Cronenberg
Willem Dafoe
Roger Ebert
Ralph Fiennes
Thierry Fremaux
Terry Gilliam
Philip Glass
Werner Herzog
Christopher Hitchens
Mary-Beth Hurt
Greg Kinnear
Ed Lachman
Leonard Maltin
Fernando Meirelles
Michael Moore
Gaspar Noe
Peter O'Toole
D.A. Pennebaker
Lynne Ramsay
Salman Rushdie
Paul Schrader
Jerry Schatzberg
Peter Sellars

Among the short films you'd find that Australian actress Rachel Griffiths (Blow, Saving Mr. Banks, Hacksaw Ridge) as the director of Roundabout.

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