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Consider mother! / More on Ken Burns' Vietnam Doc / Cannes Adds Polanski and More / Movers and Shakers

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I have stayed away from speculating about the potential Telluride inclusion of Darren Aronofsky's next film: mother!  Aronofsky made quite the splash in Telluride in 2010 with Black Swan (after it had screened in Venice days before).  The film was nominated for five Oscars withe Natalie Portman winning for Best Actress and the film nominated for Best Picture and Aronofsky nominated for Best Direction.

I have been low-balling the chances for mother! to play in light of the fact that beyond Black Swan, Aronofsky has no other Telluride pedigree and his last film, Noah, seemed anything but the kind of film that you'd find at T-ride.  But...

The release date for the secretive film (no one seems to know much about the plot) is Oct. 13th...right in the post-Telluride, awards season sweet spot.  The film is being distributed by Paramount which, just a few years ago, would have probably meant no Telluride play but Paramount has (along with Warners) become a semi-Telluride regular. Paramount plays of late at TFF include:  Arrival last year, Anomolisa in '15, Labor Day in '13.  So, maybe...

Although Paramount also has Alexander Payne's Downsizing and George Clooney's Surburbicon on their plate for this fall (either, neither or both of which might be Telluride possibilities).

Clayton Davis at Awards Circuit posted an awards prospectus for mother! this week and the spurred my re-evaluation.  Take a look at that story here.


Ken Burns at the LBJ Presidential Library (photo by Laura Rice/Texas Standard)

I've been highlighting Ken Burns' next documentary the last couple of weeks as it's getting a substantial P.R. push.  The documentary will bow on PBS on Sept. 17th which makes me think that some portion (or maybe all of it) plays in the TFF #44 lineup.

This past week, Burns was at the LBJ Presidential Library talking about the project.  Texas Standard provides the nine minute recording of a portion of the Burns interview from the presentation.  You can find the story and recording here.

Additionally, here's the PBS trailer for the 10 part series via YouTube:


Cannes' Artistic Director Thierry Fremaux announced the addition this past week of seven more titles to various sections of the festival.  Among the most notable are Roman Polanski's Based on a True Story which has been added out of competition.  Added to the Palme contest was Ruben Ostlund's The Square, his follow up to his critically well received 2014 film Force Majuere.

Ostlund's film and a new documentary from Barbet Schroeder, Le Venerable W, which was added as a special screening are probably the most likely films among the seven to be considered for TFF.


A couple of stories caught my eye since last Thursday's post and I thought I'd link them here for those who might be interested.

First, buzz that frequent Telluride guest Laura Dern might well be in serious contention for the post as President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  Should that come to pass, we could likely expect to see Ms. Dern at subsequent SHOWS as the relationship between AMPAS and TFF has been tight for a number of years.

That story was reported by Variety and you can peruse it here.

Additionally, Oscar winner Barry Jenkins (Moonlight) was profiled this past week by The New Yorker Magazine.  Podcast of that interview and the accompanying story can be found here.

There you have it for this Monday...I'll have more on Thursday.


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