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Closing in on Cannes (The Past and Jimmy P.)/Immigrant Looks/Frances Ha is Coming/Incredulity Dept.

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The Cannes Fest takes off in a week and a half and includes a number of films that have some propensity of being a part of Telluride's 40th lineup.  The Cannes pre-coverage has begun to accelerate and consequently so has my appetite to eke out information about films that could play both festivals.

A number of outlets have begun detailing information about the Cannes competition selections including Jake Howell at Movie City News (whom I have already linked once or twice) and Guy Lodge for HitFix/InContention.  With this incoming wealth of information, I'm going to try to link what seem to be (to me anyway) the more likely Telluride possibilities from both sources.

For example, in my last post I linked Howell's rundown of Asghar Farhadi's "The Past".  Here's that link again:

and here's Guy Lodge's rundown of the same film:

And adding to that is the info on Arnaud Desplechin's "Jimmy P."

From Howell/MCN:

From Lodge/HitFix:

And just over the weekend came word that "Jimmy P." has picked up a distributor for the U.S..  It's Worldview Entertainment.

The Wrap has that story here:

Worldview is also the production home for two other Telluride possibilities: James Gray's "The Immigrant (see below) and Guillaume Canet's "Blood Ties".


The Playlist published a couple of new pics from James Gray's "The Immigrant" which is going to play in competition at Cannes in a few days.  The film was teased at TFF #39 as part of the Marion Cotillard tribute  with Gray on hand with a bit of footage that looked fantastic.  Does the film play Cannes and then come back to Telluride for a full showing.  I hope so.  Here's the Playlist link:


Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig's delightful collaboration "Frances Ha" is just a few days away from limited release and as you might expect, the PR for the film has picked up in the last couple of weeks.  I really enjoyed this film at TFF #39 and am looking forward to seeing it again (albeit almost certainly when it begins streaming).  Anne Thompson/Thompson on Hollywood provides the story and the link to Film Independent's interview at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art:


If you read this space with any frequency, you know that I've become a little obsessive about the tribulations of "Jane Got a Gun"...because I originally thought that it seemed like a Telluride-y possibility and also because I happened to be in Santa Fe, NM the week shooting began and the wheels fell off...the first time.  Since then (mid-March) I've been dutifully recording the subsequent ups and downs...

Now The Playlist reports that one of the stars and the only  big name constant other than Natalie Portman, Joel Edgerton says things are peachy...really.

Check the post here:

More on Thursday.

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