Thursday, May 30, 2013

75,000/Cannes Odds and Ends

Good Thursday morning to everyone.

Completed a real dream last night as I saw Sir Paul McCartney in concert in Tulsa, OK.  Had a great time and was very happy to spend some time watching a Beatle ply his trade.


Michael's Telluride Film Blog rolled past its 75,000th view this week.  I'm more than a little pleased, as I was looking back, that the blog has continually grown and this past year has been particularly good from the increased viewer perspective.  It crossed the 40,000 view threshold on July 16th last year so there's a reasonable chance that will be doubled in a year's time.

This fall will mark the fifth anniversary of the founding of the blog, Aug. 8th to be precise.  It has been a crazy wild and wonderful experience and all made possible by two great former students, Larry and Mitzi Mallard who have made our annual trek to the Telluride Film Festival a reality.  It's also possible thanks to the forbearance of my better half, my wife of 35 years, Kristy.

It's been a lot of fun, has opened some interesting doors and allowed me to hobnob and converse with some very interesting people ( like interviewing Alexander Payne last year).  It's also allowed me to network with some of the people in the business of covering film that have done me the courtesy of
treating this little project with a level of seriousness and dignity that I have found amazing.

Finally, a big thank you and shout out to those of you that drop in to read this space from time to time.  I'm still green enough at this that I still get a little light headed when I meet readers at the Festival.  I'll keep doing this thing as long as it seems like their are people that have some interest in the films that might play and have played at Telluride.

Thanks everyone!


Bruce Dern at Cannes:

Cannes Best Actor winner Bruce Dern (for Alexander Payne's "Nebraska") has had part of his post "Nebraska" premiere press conference loaded to YouTube.  You can find that here via David Poland
and Movie City News:

Meanwhile, the Incontention/HitFix crew has begun to assess the awards potential for the slate of films that played at Cannes both in and out of competition.  Their analysis is here ( hint- they think that "Inside Llewyn Davis" has the best shot at multiple nominations).

HitFix: Oscar and Cannes in 2013:

More Critics weigh in:

Screen Daily conducted their annual poll of Cannes' critics and, perhaps in a little surprise, came to much the conclusions that the collective did.  "Blue is the Warmest Color" led the way.  "Inside Llewyn Davis" was next followed by "Nebraska".  Find the ScreenDaily chart here:

More on Monday...

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