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Ten Bets/Errol's on the Way/Monuments Trailer/Her to New York/Labor Day Look/Armstrong Lie Look

Good Friday to All...from Salida, CO. and The Riverwalk Art Fair


This week's "Ten Bets" shows some changes as I ran across some (what appears to be) solid information this week...including the next story listed below.  Consequently, there is some movement on this week's "Bets".

Further, I've about reached the point that I'm ready to go past ten bets...perhaps next week.

Last week's "Ten Bets" were:

1) Nebraska
2) The Invisible Woman
3) The Past
4) The Immigrant
5) Inside Llewyn Davis
6) Labor Day
7) The Story of Children and Film
8) Blue is the Warmest Color
9) The Unknown Known
10) The Lunchbox

This week:

1) Nebraska
2) Inside Llewyn Davis
3) Labor Day
4) The Invisible Woman
5) The Unknown Known
6) The Past
7) The Immigrant
8) All is Lost
9) Gravity
10) The Story of Children and Film

Just below the "Ten Bets"; "Blue is the Warmest Color", "Life Itself", "Philomena", "The Lunchbox", "12 Years a Slave", "Aguirre; The Wrath of God", "Daughter of the Dawn", ""Quay d'Orsay", "The Good Lie", "Enough Said", "Heli", "Only Lovers Left Alive", "Child's Pose","You Are Here" and "Gloria".


As I have been predicting for a good long while, Errol Morris will be in Telluride in two weeks.  How do we know?  The master documentarian tweeted on Tuesday:

"THE HUMAN YO-YO. Yes, I will be in Telluride, Venice and Toronto. (Looking forward to it.)"

I am assuming he will be bringing a copy of his documentary "The Unknown Known; The Life and Times of Donald Rumsfeld".  This week's #5 on the "Ten Bets" list.


As expected the trailer for George Clooney's "The Monuments Men" came down the pipeline yesterday.  It is intriguing.  I have to say that I'd really like for the film to surprisingly show up in Telluride in three weeks.  Purportedly the film isn't ready but you know that Telluride has produced more than one surprise over the years.  Perhaps 2013 could be another example of that magic.


The New York Film Festival announced yesterday that its closing film will be Spike Jonze "Her" starring Joaquin Phoenix.  That all but certainly takes it out of Telluride consideration which is too bad. The film looks very intriguing.

Check the trailer out here via YouTube:

And here's a link to an accompanying story from The Playlist:


I have been pretty certain that Jason Reitman was likely to return to Telluride with his new film "Labor Day" starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin for months.  That intuition has been endorsed by Sasha Stone of Awards Daily who is on record asserting that the film is on the 40th anniversary playlist.  

I have to say that it's high on my list of films to catch at TFF #40.  The production dropped its first official images yesterday.  I have linked posts about the pics from Entertainment Weekly and Rope of Silicon:


A first look at a still from the documentary "The Armstrong Lie" which is currently hovering just below my "Ten Bets" list was revealed yesterday from Sony Pictures Classics.  Find it here:

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