Thursday, August 8, 2013

Taking Stock/Counselor Trailer/Views of "Hustle" and "Monuments"

Good Thursday Everyone.

The CEO and I head west this morning for Salida, CO.  She's showing art.  I'm driving the art.  We'll be there until Sunday.  It's worth noting that Salida is 2/3 of the way on our normal route to Telluride.



The potential film landscape has really shifted a lot in the past couple of weeks with revelations/expectations for some films that were merely thought as outside possibilities coming into focus in that time period.

In the last 15 days or so we have seen the ascendancy of "Inside Llewyn Davis", "All is Lost" and "Gravity" into serious consideration as Telluride possibles.  We have seen some of the films essentially confirmed that we have been pretty certain of for some time: "Nebraska", "Labor Day" and "The Invisible Woman".

There are some films that we have been high on that we haven't heard very much about in as far as Telluride is concerned.  Nobody is really talking "The Past", "The Unknown Known", "The Immigrant", "Philomena" or "12 Years a Slave"...but I still feel pretty good about all of them.

The New York Fest has claimed "Captain Phillips" and "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" for its opener and centerpiece.  They still have a closing night film to announce and the rest of their lineup expected in the next 10 days or so.

And there are films that I'd still like to see show up that could but about which there hasn't been any scuttlebutt, at least that I can suss out: "Foxcatcher", "The Fifth Estate", "The Dallas Buyers Club" and "The Counselor" come to mind.

All in all, you'll see a definite effect on tomorrow's new "Ten Bets" list.  It's shaping up to be an incredible 40th anniversary festival.

Meanwhile, from the "A Guy Can Continue to Dream" Dept.  Here's this...


"The Counselor" had its second straight day of high profile P.R. as the Ridley Scott film dropped an official trailer.  Would love to see this on the Telluride program.

I have included posts from The Playlist, Rope of Silicon and FirstShowing

A note here...this two day blitz makes me wonder if "The Counselor" might be in line to be announced as the closing night selection for the New York Film Festival.


A couple of films I'm also not expecting to see in Telluride are David O. Russell's "American Hustle" and George Clooney's "The Monuments Men'.  I'd like to see them in T-ride but as I've reported here, "Monuments" is reportedly unready and I just haven't ever thought there was a big chance for "Hustle"  Nevertheless, both films have been among my "Coming Attractions" for some time now.

Both of them releases official images yesterday.  I have linked Rope of Silicon and The Playlist below:

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