Monday, November 11, 2013

Nebraska Footage/Fassy Talks Evil/Teller Speaks (Some More)/Starred Up Picked Up

Good Monday to Everyone...hope you had a very good weekend...Here's some Telluride Film Festival related news...


Paramount Pictures posted what they purport is exclusive looks at Alexander Payne's "Nebraska" on iTunes since my Thursday post.  You can take a look at that here:

I think that "Nebraska" is continuing to float just below the tide created by "12 Years" and "Gravity" as is Llewyn Davis" and that both films are likely to pick up steam as we move through the rest of November and into December.  Frankly, I agree with Awards Daily's Sasha Stone that "Nebraska" is going to be embraced more warmly by the Academy than most of the Oscar prognosticators think.  It'll definitely be on my top ten list at the end of the year...maybe even top five...

FASSY TALKS EVIL (and other things)

"12 Years a Slave" co-star Michael Fassbender, who stars as the malignant Edward Epps in Steve McQueen's masterpiece (yup...said it...masterpiece...quote me Fox Searchlight!) talked to Gold Derby recently about his role in the film.  Academy members...please give him the Best Supporting Actor Oscar...thank you..that is all...


I've written in this space previously that one of the most electrifying moments of this year's festival was at the Q&A following "Tim's Vermeer" when Teller (who directed) spoke.  Audible gasps could be heard in the capacity crowd at the Chuck Jones theater.  It was very, very cool.

Well, Teller, as you might expect, has continued as the documentary about inventor Tim Jenison's obsession with the art of Johannes Vermeer edges closer to its release- Dec. 6th (limited).

The Wrap's Screening series focused on the Penn and Teller doc this week.  Listen to Teller here:


Every year there are films that you hear a lot of buzz about that you just can't get to.  One of the films that fell into that category this year was David Mackenzie's prison drama "Starred Up".  I heard a lot of good stuff but could just never get it worked into my schedule.  Now, it seems I may still get a chance as Tribeca Films has landed the North American distribution for the film. has the story:

More on Thursday...Have a good week everyone...

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