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Peter O'Toole/Nomination Hangover/Awards Circuit Says/Oscar Talk/Inside Llewyn Interviews/Winslet on Labor Day

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One of the great regrets that I have had about my Telluride experiences over this past 8 years is that we didn't start attending until 2006 which meant that we missed the 2002 tribute to Peter O'Toole.  O'Toole was the last of that Richard Harris, Richard Burton triumvirate and a tremendous story teller.  He was always fascinating whenever you could catch him in an interview.  In 2006, we saw his performance in Telluride in "Venus" and marveled at how fine an actor he remained that late in his lifer/career.  It is a crime he never won the Oscar he was nominated 8 times for.  Fortunately for us, we have so many of his performances on film to watch for generations.

Peace, Mr. O'Toole, peace...


Last week was a little dizzying with Screen Actors Guild nominations and Golden Globe nominations.  One thing that I didn't note about the GG noms on Thursday was the incredible leap in the number of total GG nominations for Telluride films from last year.  As I did note on Thursday, there were 25 nominations this year for TFF #40 films plus an additional 2 for TFF #39 films.  Compare that to the results from the recent past:

2012: 10 GG nominations, led by 5 for "Argo".  Of course you could add the nominations for "The Hunt" and Greta Gerwig for "Frances Ha" could be added to the 2012 total.
2011: 19 GG nominations led by 6 for "The Artist"
2010: 16 GG nominations led by 7 for "The King's Speech"
2009: 11 GG nominations led by 6 for "Up in the Air"

The "average" number of Golden Globe nominations for Telluride films over the past 4 years has been 14.

So, you can see that TFF #40 is an astounding jump in numbers of Globe nominations.  It's nearly double the average.

Now, I don't think that the number of Golden Globe nominations really tell us anything about the quality of TFF from year to year.  I mean, it is The Globes and as any number of people in the business have noted, The HFPA has an agenda that sometimes rewards names over quality.  Nonetheless, the jump from 10 last year to 27 this year is astounding.

I attribute this circumstance to the 40th anniversary lure of this year's fest and the phenomenal programming that the staff at TFF did to make the anniversary very, very special.

And I'm going to go ahead and make a solid prediction for Oscar nominations.  This year, in an amazing coincidence, TFF #40 films will earn exactly 40 nominations...and there will be 2-4 for TFF #39 films as well.


I recently ran through the Oscar nomination predictions from Oscar prognosticator Clayton Davis from his site Awards Circuit to see where he puts the films from TFF #40 (and #39) in this years race.  Here's the results of what Davis was saying:

"12 Years a Slave"-11 nominations: Best Picture, Director, Actor, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Adapted Screenplay, Production Design, Cinematography, Costumes, Film Editing, Score.

"Gravity"-9 nominations: Best Picture, Director, Actress, Cinematography, Film Editing, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, Visual Effects, Score.
"Nebraska"-5 nominations: Best Picture, Director, Actor, Supporting Actress, Original Screenplay.

"Inside Llewyn Davis"- 7 nominations: Best Picture, Director, Supporting actor, Original Screenplay, Production Design, Cinematography, Sound Mixing.

"Nebraska"-5 nominations: Best Picture, Director, Actor, Supporting Actress, Original Screenplay.

"All is Lost"-4 nominations: Best Actor, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, Original Song.

Single nominations for:

"Blue is the Warmest Color"-Adapted Screenplay
"The Wind Rises: Animated Feature
"Tim's Vermeer": Documentary Feature
"The Invisible Woman": Costumes

Also from TFF #39:
"Stories We Tell": Documentary Feature
"The Hunt": Foreign Language Film
"Wadjda": Foreign Language Film

Totals: 41 nominations for TFF #40 films and an additional 3 for TFF #39 films.


The latest episode of the Oscar Talk Podcast with Anne Thompson and Kristopher Tapley is up at both of their websites (Thompson on Hollywood and HitFix/InContention:

You can find it linked here:


As the "Inside Llewyn Davis" roll out continues (it opens wide on Dec. 20th) the ILD P.R. campaign continues as well.  Here's Anne Thompson's interview with the Coen Brothers:

Also, from The Hollywood Reporter, a clip of the Coens talking about how Oscar Isaac came to be Llewyn:


And surprise Golden Globe nominee Kate Winslet (also newly recent mom for the third time) talks to Kris Tapley at HitFix about Jason Reitman's "Labor Day":

More on Thursday...

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