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THR on Who Goes Where: Telluride vs. Toronto/The Playlist's 100 Most Anticipated and T-ride/Gold Derby's Latest Odds

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THR ON WHO GOES WHERE (Telluride vs. Toronto)

Analysts continue to parse the meaning of the announcement from the Toronto International Film Festival about programming decisions for their first four days and their opening and closing films.

Scott Feinberg weighed in on Tuesday with a piece for The Hollywood Reporter detailing some guesswork involving various directors and their possible loyalties vis-a-vis Tellurdie and Toronto.

That piece is linked here:

I also include it in today's blogpost because Feinberg references the Werner Herzog Theater as "The Zog".  Readers of this space and friends who came to the 2013 "Guide to the Ride" reception in Telluride know that "The Zog" was the nickname that I said I was going to try to push as a nifty shorthand for the new facility.  Now, I'm not claiming that the THR reference springs from that attempt...but I'm very close to saying that...


The Playlist has put together the 100 films they are the most excited about that will/may premiere in 2014. Taking my cue from them, I've tried to parse the Telluride possibilities beginning with the films listed from 51-100:

The Complete list/post is here:

And here are what seem to me to be the likeliest candidates for Labor Day in the San Juans:

#96- Michel Hazanavicius' "The Search" starring Berenice Bejo.  A drama set in Chechnya.  Hazanavicius "The Artist" played Cannes and Telluride in 2011.  It wouldn't surprise me if this film made the same journey in 2014.

#90- Andrey Zvyagintsev's "Leviafan"-The Playlist calls it a social drama set in a fictional "new country".  The film sounds ambitious and intriguing.  They also seem to think it's a highly probable Cannes entry and that's enough for me to be thinking I should put it on the Telluride watch list.

#87-Tim Burton's "Big Eyes"-Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams...yes please.  The Weinstein Company has this in their basket and the thinking is that they may want to push it come awards season.  It's based on the life of painter Margaret Keane (Adams).   I can see tribute possibilities for Burton...

#77-"Suite Francaise"- This is a World War II set love story with complicatons.  Weinstein's have it and The Playlist explicitly says that Telluride is likely...of course that pronouncement came before the Toronto change of protocol.

#55-"Far From the Madding Crowd"-We've mentioned this film in earlier posts from other lists.  The biggest reasons to think it would be Telluride bound: the director-Thomas Vinterberg and the production company (and likely distributor)- Fox Searchlight.

#51-Untitled Noah Baumbach/Greta Gerwig Public School Project-  Because it's Baumbach and he's made a habit of coming to Telluride.

I'll take a look at The Playlist's films from 1-50 on Monday.


Here's the latest line from The Gold Derby on Best Picture Oscar odds:

It still looks very likely that Best Picture went through Telluride.

More on Monday...Have a great weekend.

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