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Acquisition News/Trailers and Clips from Cannes/Another Critical Take on Cannes/TFF #42?

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Still from "Clouds of Sils Maria"

Post Cannes there has been considerable movement toward distributors buying the rights for U.S. distribution of a number of Cannes titles.  Some of those acquisitions may boost a film's chances at a Telluride play while others probably diminish that potential.

Case in point of the latter...Magnolia picked up two very well received titles in the past few days:  "Force Majeure" (Turist) and "White God", the top prize winner from the Un Certain Regard section.  While their representation by Magnolia doesn't eliminate those films from Telluride consideration, I can find only two films from them that have played Telluride in the last five years: "The Hunt" and "A Royal Affair" both played in 2012 (also both featured Mads Mikkelsen who was tributed that year).  So, you know, it's possible that we'd see one or both of these films...but if history is any guide; it's not incredibly likely.

I've linked the story about the "White God" acquisition from Variety:

and from IndieWire for "Force Majeure":

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Kristian Levring's "The Salvation" starring the aforementioned Mads Mikkelsen has been acquired by IFC films.  IFC also has distribution for other Cannes #67 titles including "Clouds of Sils Maria" and  "Bird People".  IFC also has Richard Linklater's Sundance hit "Boyhood".  The IFC profile at Telluride independently is noticeable (and their connection/partnership with Sundance Selects opens the door a bit more).  IFC had "Frances Ha" at TFF in 2012, "Into the Abyss" and "Pina" in 2011 and "Carlos" and "The Princess of Montpensier" in 2010.  Those films featured directors who have had a history with Telluride.  All of which may mean that "Clouds" is a more likely prospect today than it has been up to now.

Here's the news about IFC for "The Salvation":

Meanwhile, THR also reports that "Timbuktu" which was critically well received but shut out of the prizes at Cannes has been picked up by The Cohen Media Group.

This probably reduces chances of Telluride attendees seeing the film as I can find no mention of any film distributed by CMG that has played Telluride previously.  Too bad, as I had become a bit intrigued by the film after reading about it in the reports from Cannes.

Finally...reiterating some reporting from earlier, Sony Pictures Classics has acquired the documentary "Salt of the Earth" as well as Cannes screenplay winner "Leviathan".  Most years I would tell you that that news would move both films right to the top of the Telluride "possibles" list (and it does make their presence at TFF #41 more likely) but SPC has such a large stable of films on their plate that parsing what makes the trip to the San Juans becomes a difficult task.  At present IMDb lists these titles as SPC properties (that have no set release date or a release date that would accommodate a T-ride screening);

"Salt of the Earth"
"Red Army"
"Jimmy's Hall"
"Wild Tales"
"Coming Home"
"Mr. Turner"
"Saint Laurent"

SPC had five films at TFF #40: "Tim's Vermeer", "The Invisible Woman", "The Lunchbox", "Jodorowsky's Dune" and "The Past". Five films per year is roughly the SPC average at T-ride. Their TFF footprint is always substantial (check out their ten year track record from my June 24th post from last summer).  The challenge is which five of these ten films make the trip?

Here are the stories on the acquisitions of "Salt of the Earth" and "Leviathan":


I've put together a quick section of links to stories/posts and trailers that have been late releases at the end of the Cannes fest:

"Two Days, One Night" from Thompson on Hollywood:

"Winter Sleep" from The Playlist:

"Clouds of Sils Maria" from The Dissolve:

Clips from "The Blue Room" also from The Playlist:


IndieWire published its critical takeaway from Cannes #67 this week.  You can find it here:

A quick summary:  Their critic's panel chose "Two Days, One Night" as Best Film,   Anne Dorval as Best Lead Performance for "Mommy", Kristen Stewart for Best Supporting Performance for "Clouds of Sils Maria", Xavier Dolan for Best Director for "Mommy" and "Leviathan" for Best Screenplay.

TFF 42?

Michael Haneke via IMDb

And word the last couple of days that Michael Haneke has new film project planned to begin shooting this summer.  Should it come to pass, put it on your Telluride watch list for 2015 as Haneke films have made a number of appearances at the festival over the years including "White Ribbon " and "Amour".  The new film is entitled "Flashmob" and at least for the time being and sounds like an unlikely project for the auteur.

From The Playlist:

More on Monday as I'll begin the six-posts-a -week schedule for MTFB as we move into the final three month  countdown to TFF #41.

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