Thursday, May 1, 2014

More Films for Cannes/The Act of Killing Part 2?/More from the "Scottish" Movie


Cannes Film Fest programmers have added six more films to the various sections including one in the Une Certain Regard section that is generally considered as the second tier below the Palme d"or competition category.

After looking at the new films added I can tell you that none of them immediately jump out as likely Telluride contenders.  That said, there is some buzz that one more film might be added to the main competition slate. The story is covered in these posts from The Hollywood Reporter and Variety:


"The Act of Killing", Joshua Oppenheimer's documentary about genocide in Indonesia, made quite a splash at Telluride in 2012.  As we have reported in this space before, Oppenheimer has been working on a sequel to "Act" that switches the focus from the perpetrators to the victims.  The film is called "The Look of Silence".  Screen Daily reported  this week that the new documentary is nearing completion and that it is expected to be ready for the fall film fest season.  The Dissolve goes a  step further and mentions Telluride by name and suggests that the desire is fro the sequel to follow the same path that "Act" did.

I expect that will happen.  As the sequel purports to be the other "half of the coin"of this same story and has Werner Herzog and Errol Morris  as executive producers, chances are it's on Telluride's list on Labor Day weekend.


Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender in "MacBeth" (photo from The Playlist/

Another new photo has emerged from the filming of Justin Kurzel's "MacBeth" of stars Marion Cotillard (Lady MacBeth) and Michael Fassbender (MacBeth).  It's no secret that I am fascinated by this project.  It's listed by IMDb as a 2015 release but also listed as being in post-production.  It's distributor is The Weinstein Company and the production firm all has had reasonably good ties to past Telluride films (See Saw; "Tracks", "Shame", "The King's Speech").  If I were betting, right now I'd bet this doesn't make the trip to T-ride but I'd like it to.

Here's the story that goes with the photo:

That's all for now, folks...more on Monday.  Have a great weekend!

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