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Cannes Down the Homestretch/Acquisition News from France/Early Oscar Talk: Foxcatcher

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As I type this morning the Cannes Film Festival is leaning toward its finish line.  About the time I publish this morning, the first non-press screening of Xavier Dolan's "Mommy" should just about be finished screening which just leaves two more films to screen in competition.  Award winners are set to be announced Saturday evening in France which is mid-day Saturday here in the States.

Of key concern to those of us with an eye toward Telluride are three things from the two week "granddaddy of all film fests"...1) The critical reactions, 2) the award winners and 3) the deals made by distributors that might be inclined to push a film for T-ride.

So...the critical reaction thus far...

I have been tracking four different Cannes critic trackers these last ten days or so.  Here's where they are in terms of the "top five" films in the Palme d'Or competition category.

Cannes Critics Ratings top five thus far:

1) "Goodbye to Language"/Godard (8.67)
2) "Two Days, One Night"/Dardenne Brothers (7.75)
3) "Winter Sleep"/Ceylan (7.61)
4) "Mommy"/Dolan (7.10)
5) "Timbuktu"/Sissako (6.93)

That complete chart is here:

Ioncinema's Critics Panel has (which hasn't registered enough response yet for either "Mommy" or "Goodbye to Language):
1) "Two Days, One Night"/Dardenne Brothers (4.0)
2) (tie) "Mr. Turner"/Leigh (3.5)
2) (tie) "Winter Sleep"/Ceylan (3.5)
4) "Timbuktu"/Sissako (3.3)
5) "Foxcatcher"/Miller (3.2)

The complete chart from Ioncinema is here:

Total Critics from South America has it looking like this:

1) "Goodbye to Language"/Godard (9.25)
2) "Winter Sleep"/Ceylan (7.71)
3) "Two Days, One Night"/Dardennes Brothers (7.35)
4) "The Wonders"/Rohrbacher (6.79)
5) "Timbuktu"/Sissako (6.68)

Check the full roundup here:

Finally, Critics Round Up has it this way:

1) Two Days, One Night"/Dardennes Brothers (94)
2) "Wild Tales"/Szifron (93)
3) "Timbuktu"/Sissako (84)
4) "The Wonders"/Rohrbacher (83)
5) "Mr. Turner"/Leigh (81)

Their complete look at Cannes is here;

I have also collected all of these ratings for the 13 films (of the 18 in competition) to arrive at a consensus chart.

1) "Two Days, One Night"
2) "Winter Sleep"
3) "Timbuktu"
4) ""Mr. Turner"
5) "The Wonders"
6) "Foxcatcher"
7) "Wild Tales"
8) "Maps to the Stars"
9) "Saint Laurent"
10) "The Homesman"
11) "Still the Waters"
12) "Captives"
13) "The Search"

Note:  Late news this morning is that Dolan's "Mommy" is getting good reviews across the board and Jean Luc Godard's "Goodbye to Language" is getting great reviews.

Meanwhile, the three highest praised films from the festival's Un Certain Regard section have been Mathieu Amalric's "The Blue Room", Lisandro Alonso's "Jauja" and Jessica Hausner's "Amour Fou".


In a move that signals that we might want to to put Ken Loach's "Jimmy's Hall" on our Telluride radar, Sony Pictures Classics has picked up the U.S. distribution for that film.  "Jimmy's Hall" screened at Cannes in the Palme competition section this morning.  Here are reports about the SPC acquisition from The Hollywood Reporter and Variety:

"Jimmy's Hall" trailer via YouTube/Coming Soon

SPC has also acquired the Yves St. Laurent biopic "Saint Laurent" during the festival and "Wild Tales".


Steve Carell in "Foxcatcher" via The Hollywood Reporter

IndieWire/CriticWire have echoed the claim that we've already seen in a lot of laces which is that Bennett Miller's "Foxcatcher" is likely the most Oscar-y film from the Cannes films.  Take a look at their compendium of critical response from Cannes:

I'll have Cannes updates through the next few days via this space and Twitter (@Gort2), otherwise...More on Monday...

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