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A Look at Roadside and Magnolia/Clouds View/Gone Girl Appears

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The boss and I have plans today...Letterman and then "Book of Mormon" planning to have a really good day.  Now, to the normal business of MTFB:

Today I'm looking at Roadside Attractions and Magnolia.

Roadside Attractions:  This entity has just become a player at Telluride in the last five years.  Prior to 2010 they didn't have a presence in the previous decade.  Even then, they've been limited to one film in each of the past three years but they've been fairly impressive films:

2010: Biutiful
2011: Albert Nobbs
2012: Stories We Tell
2013: All is Lost, Gloria

So what does Roadside Attractions have as possibles?

It seems to me that they really have only one film that's got a shot and that's the Tommy Lee Jones sophomore effort "The Homesman" and I have to say that I haven't really gotten a great Telluride vibe for it, at least so far.

What could surprise at Telluride is "'71", a film starring Jack O'Connell (who's going to be a big name come Oscar season as he stars as Louis Zamperini in Angelina Jolie's "Unbroken".  "71" played Berlin among other international fests and has generally been well received.  I could see it popping up as a part of the TFF #41 program.

How about Magnolia Films?

Today's other exploration of domestic distributors is Magnolia Pictures.  Their Telluride history for the past decade looks like this:

2004: Keane
2005: The Lost City
2006: Severance
2007: Redacted, The Princess of Nebraska, A Thousand Years of Good Prayers, Terror's Advocate
2008: Nope
2009: Nope
2010: Nope
2011: Nope
2012: The Hunt, A Royal Affair
2013: Nope

Magnolia has a couple of Cannes films in its basket.  Both of them have a reasonable chance of being a part of Telluride's 2014 lineup.  They are:

"Force Majeure" and "White God".  I'd give both films about a 40% chance of playing TFF #41 and maybe a slight edge to "Force Majeure".  It could go any of three ways with both films making the grade, one or the other or neither.  I'm guessing one does.


Olivier Assayas' Cannes entry (and TFF #41 possible) "Clouds of Sils Maria" dropped a trailer yesterday.  Here it is from YouTube:

And accompanying stories from Awards Daily, FirstShowing and Movie City News:


Now, understand, I don't really think David Fincher's "Gone Girl" will show at The SHOW...but... you know Fincher was feted as a Tributee in 2008 and that included footage of "Benjamen Button" and a screening of "Zodiac".  So, it's not entirely out of the question.

"Gone Girl" dropped a new trailer yesterday.  Here it is via Film Trailer Zone and YouTube:

And also, the story from HitFix/InContention:

More on Wednesday...

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