Friday, July 4, 2014

Ten Bets 2014 #2/News from Wells/National Gallery Release/Roger and Peter

Welcome to Independence Day everyone from Great Barrington, MA.  By the time you read this I will already be selling art at the 13th Annual Berkshires Art Festival.  If you're nearby, come by Tent #48 and say hello...and buy some art!

TEN BETS 2014 #2

Here's your second edition of "Ten Bets" for films that I expect to appear at the 41st Telluride Film Festival. Last weeks list looked like this:

10) Salt of the Earth (Wenders)
9) Winter Sleep (Ceylan)
8) Red Army (Polsky)
7) Coming Home (Yimou)
6) Foxcatcher (Miller)
5) The Roosevelts (Burns)
4) Leviathan (Zvyagintsev)
3) Birdman (Inarritu)
2) Two Days, One Night (Dardennes)
1) Mr. Turner (Leigh)

After a week of tracking any Telluride news/rumors, here's your new "Ten Bets" (also, see the next story below):

10) Coming Home
9) Winter Sleep
8) Red Army
7) The Roosevelts
6) Queen of the Desert
5) Foxcatcher
4) Leviathan
3) Two Days, One Night
2) Mr. Turner
1) Birdman


"Birdman" trailer via YouTube

Jeffrey Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere posted a Telluride piece on Wednesday.  He claims that Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's "Birdman" is a Telluride lock...which I have suspected for over a year.  Also a lock, according to Wells: Werner Herzog's "Queen of the Desert" which has also been anticipated here, as long as it was finished.  Wells also says that Paul Thomas Anderson's "Inherent Vice" and David Fincher's "Gone Girl" are locked for the New York Fest and necessarily pre-empted for T-ride. 

The really interesting tidbit is the possibility of a Telluride presentation of Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar".  Up until last year, I would have thought this unlikely in the extreme but with the success of Telluride landing Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" last year...I could believe this.  I'm not there yet...but I don't rule it out either.

Wells also has a couple of comments about the Toronto Film Fests ultimatum vis-a-vis Telluride and you can find the entire piece here:


Photo via IndieWire

IndieWire reports that Frederick Wiseman's "National Gallery" a documentary about London's National Gallery has a stateside release date for November.  The Telluride possibility will be released on Nov. 5th. Take a look at the post here:



Photo via

And in the midst of all the hoopla about the release of the Roger Ebert doc "Life Itself" (which I was just sure would play last year at TFF #40)  came this re-tweet/re-post of Ebert's Telluride interview with Peter O'Toole.  I had to post the link:

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