Monday, March 9, 2015

Warming Up the Crystal Ball: Cannes and 2016 Oscars/See More of Seymour

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As the 2015 Oscar ceremony continues to get smaller in our rear view, I increasingly turn my attention to the process of trying to puzzle out some of the likely film suspects for the 2015 Telluride lineup.  It's the time of year when that detective work is focused on speculation about which films will make the various sections of the Cannes lineup and the early, early speculation about films that may become Oscar campaigners once the fall film festivals occur.


The Hollywood Reporter's Todd McCarthy put up a massive Cannes spec piece over the weekend that you can find here:

The Cannes/Telluride overlap is significant so the ultimate choices for Cannes' lineup should give us plenty to mull in terms of the eventual T-ride set of selections.  McCarthy's list includes a number of films that seem to be Telluride possibles including "Carol", "Macbeth" "The Tale of Tales" and "Erran" among a lengthy list of titles.

OSCAR 2016

Meanwhile, The Playlist posted a substantial Oscar 2016 guess piece that also includes a number of Telluride possibilities.  That post is here:

Titles that writer Oliver Lyttleton includes that might make the trip to the San Juans on Labor Day weekend include:

"Our Brand is Crisis" (which Lyttleton flat says to expect at Telluride), "The Revenant", "The Hateful Eight" and the above mentioned "Carol".


One of the best buzzed films at last year's TFF was Ethan Hawke's documentary "Seymour: An Introduction".  The film is on the verge of release and as a part of the rollout, The Playlist included a new clip from the film in a story they ran over the weekend.  Find the story and the clip here:

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