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Trailers Times Three / Oscar Matters: Brie Larson and "Room" / Oscar Matters: InContention's Latest Look

Good Thursday to everyone.  MTFB/The FAC is on the road this week in Dallas, TX.  No film reason, though there was filming here last week for the forthcoming adaptation of Stephen King's "11/22/63" which is set to show up on Hulu.

Nope, we're in Big D for a Don Henley concert...then back to OKC for family fun.

It's fall break.

Thank God.


New trailer came down the pike this week for three Telluride 2015 films and I pass them on to you via YouTube with a story to accompany them.

First, a new look at the final trailer for Cary Fukunaga's "Beasts of No Nation":

And the story from MTFB friend (and one of "The Professionals" who rates films for the blog each year at T-ride) Alex Billington and

Also, a new trailer for Guatemala's Oscar Foreign Language entry "Ixcanul":

The Film Stage has a fantastic and extensive collection of the trailers for the 81 films that have been submitted for the Foreign Language Oscar.  You can find that here:

And we circle back to and the release of the official trailer for Stig Bjorkman's "Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words".  Here's that trailer:

And the story from Alex:


Two big Brie Larson interviews showed up in the last day or two as "Room" gets ready to open this weekend.  Larson talks about the film with Jenelle Riley of Variety and Lauren Moraski of CBS News and both of those articles are linked here:

Incidentally, I'm pretty sure I ran into Larson at Telluride playing darts at one of the local pizza places.  I didn't interrupt the game.


Now that the New York Fest is over, the Oscar prognosticators are re-calculating.  They'll do that again after the AFI Fest next month and again with the screening of big December releases such as "The Revenant" and "Joy".

Kristopher Tapley has re-calibrated at Variety/InContention and I have culled his latest for Telluride-centric Oscar predictions.  Here's what he's saying as of yesterday:

Telluride films/performers in the following categories will be nominees:

Best Picture: "Black Mass', "Room", "Spotlight", "Steve Jobs"
Best Director: Abrahamson/"Room", McCarthy/"Spotlight", Boyle/"Steve Jobs"
Best Actor: Depp/"Black Mass", Fassbender/"Steve Jobs"
Best Actress: Larson/"Room", Rampling/"45 Years"
Best Supporting Actor: Edgerton/"Black Mass', Keaton/"Spotlight"
Best Supporting Actress: Mara/"Carol", Winslet/"Steve Jobs"
Adapted Screenplay: "Room", "Steve Jobs"
Original Screenplay: "Spotlight"
Costumes: "Carol"
Film Editing: "Spotlight", "Steve Jobs"
Makeup/Hair: "Black Mass"
Production Design: "Carol"
Documentary: "The Look of Silence" (TFF #41)
Foreign Language Film: "Son of Saul", "Rams", "Viva"

For Tapley's complete predictions look here:

That's Thursday's post...if you see me at the Henley concert tonight, say hello!

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