Monday, October 10, 2016

Things to Come is Coming (and has a trailer) / Talking Telluride Films

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Telluride watchers were rewarded this past week with a new trailer for Mia Hansen-Love's Things to Come starring past T-ride tribute recipient Isabelle Huppert (and it IS the year of Huppert with this performance plus Elle and others).  Things to Come was very well respected by MTFB's Pros as it  was pegged at the #3 spot with a solid 4.20 rating.  The film currently has an 88 Metacritic score and 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (with 36 critics weighing in).

Here's the new trailer (with English subtitles) from Sundance Selects via YouTube:

Things to Come opens in the United States on Dec. 2nd.

I have also linked coverage of the trailer release from Indiewire .


Kristopher Tapley's Playback Podcast had actor Aaron Eckhardt as his guest this last week.  Eckhardt is getting notice for his roles both in Sully and Bleed for This.  Eckhardt could be in the Best Supporting Actor conversation for both of those roles, though his turn in Bleed for This seems to be getting the most attention.

Here's the link to the Playback podcast.

Additionally, The Hollywood Reporter published a multi-actress interview with German actresses. Two of those are Sandra Huller from Toni Erdmann and Paula Beer from Frantz both of which were part of the TFF #$3 program.

That interview is here.

And, Indiewire's weekly Screen Talk podcast featuring Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson (both of whom serve as MTFB pors for rating films each year at TFF).  This week the duo talk Birth of a Nation and 20th Century Women.

The Screentalk podcast is here.

That's a wrap for Monday.  More to come on Thursday...including a new Film Awards Clearinghouse update.


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