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A Master Passes / Oscar Biz Buzz: Business Insider, Variety and Awrads Daily / Telluride Filmmakers in The NY

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Pierre Etaix in The Dardennes' Le Havre-TFF #38-2011

Film aficionados from around the world paused in sadness this week as French film comedy master Pierre Etaix died Indiewire reported on Friday.  Etaix was one of Telluride's tribute recipients in 2011. Etaix won an Oscar in 1963 for his short film Happy Anniversary.  Etaix was venerated by film makers from Jerry Lewis to Woody Allen and is frequently compared to Chaplin, Keaton and Tati.

Here's the text from TFF's 2011 program about Etaix and the tribute:

Additionally, here's the Indiewire story about his passing.


As we count down the second half of October, we're beginning to finally see the plans studios have for their Oscar possibles.  We learned, for example, just this past week that 20th Century Fox has dated Hidden Figures for a limited (and therefore Oscar qualifying release) on Dec. 25th.

We also found out that Martin Scorsese has trimmed the running time for Silence , which was originally going to run over three hours, to a meager 2 hrs. 39 min.  Reportedly more than a half an hour of the original cut has disappeared.  Wow.  That's a lot of film to have been edited out.

Ang Lee's much anticipated Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk received decidedly mixed reviews at its premiere at the New York Film Festival.  A lot of Oscary types think that it's probably toast in the major categories but Awards Daily's Sasha Stone says "not so fast" reminding everyone that Lee's Life of Pi also opened to mixed responses and was discounted by Oscar pundits and ended up with 11 nominations and four wins.

In as afar as Oscar Biz Buzz that relates to Telluride films this week, I offer the following...

Business Insiders Entertainment section offered their take on what they believe are the most likely Oscar winners in several categories at the midpoint of October.  To wit:

Best Picture: La La Land.  Also in contention according to BI: Arrival, Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea and Sully.

Best Director: Damien Chazelle/La La Land.  Others in the mix: Eastwood/Sully, Jenkins/Moonlight, Lonergan/Manchester, and Villenueve/Arrival

Best Actress: Emma Stone/La La Land.  Also in play from TFF #43: Amy Adams/Arrival

Best Actor: Casey Affleck/Manchester by the Sea.  In the running: Ryan Gosling/La La Land, Tom Hanks/Sully

Supporting Actress: Naomie Harris/Moonlight.  Also in play: Michelle Williams/Manchester

Supporting Actor: Michael Shannon/Nocturnal Animals.  TFFers: Mahershala Ali/Moonlight

Original Screenplay: Hell or High Water.  TFF #43 peeps: Chazelle/La La Land, Jenkins and 
McCraney/Moonlight and Lonergan/Manchester 

Adapted Screenplay: Lion.  BI lists no TFF candidates for Adapted Screenplay although I think they're overlooking Eric Heisserer fro Arrival.

Animated Feature: Zootopia.  Nada from TFF.

Cinematography: Billy Lynn.  TFF possibles; La La Land, Moonlight, Arrival

Documentary Feature: OJ: Made in America.  Telluride docs in the mix: Into the Inferno and The Eagle Huntress

Take a look at the entire article here.

Also in the Oscar Biz Buzz today...Variety's Guy Lodge takes an impressive deep look at the possible players for Best Foreign Language Film.  He does make mention of the three TFF #43 films that have the best shot at making the final five: Toni Erdmann, Neruda and Fire at Sea.  Check Lodge's assessment here.

And, as she always does, Sasha Stone at Awards Daily put up her latest Oscar assessment of Friday. Her focus this week was on the Best Actor race.  Look at Sasha's latest Oscar musings here.



I have appended a couple of interviews that have occurred as a result of TFF #43 films that have played at the New York Film Festival over the past two weeks.  Two form Moonlight's writer/director Barry Jenkins and another from Manchester by the Sea writer/director Kenneth Lonergan;

Here's your look at the Mary Kate O'Toole interview of Barry Jenkins.  And another from New York featuring Jenkins with Nicholas Kemp.

And the interview with Lonergan by O'Toole.

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