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The Distribution Tango / The Cartoons in France

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I'm right up against it for this summer.  The annual stroll through distribution outlets to examine their wares and try to determine what films from which outlets will wend their way to the San Juans over Labor Day weekend.

Some companies have a long and illustrious relationship with TFF.  Sony Pictures Classics is the prime example of this.  Here's their Telluride resume over the past several years:

2016: The Eagle Huntress, Maudie, Norman, Toni Erdmann (4)
2015: Son of Saul (1)
2014: Foxcatcher, Leviathan, Red Army, Mr. Turner, Wild Tales, Salt of the Earth and Merchants of Doubt (7)
2013: The Invisible Woman, The Lunchbox, The Past, Tim's Vermeer and Jodorowsky's Dune (5)
2012: The Gatekeepers, At Any Price, Rust and Bone, No, Wadjda, Amour (6)
2011: A Dangerous Method, In Darkness, Footnote, A Separation (4)
2010: Incendies, Of Gods and Men, Tamara Drewe, Another Year, The Illusionist, Inside Job (6)
2009: The Last Station, The White Ribbon, Coco Before Chanel, A Prophet, An Education (5)
2008: Waltz with Bashir, I've Loved You So Long, O'Horten (3)
2007: Brick Lane, When Did You Last See Your Father, Persepolis, The Band's Visit, The Counterfeiters, Steep! (6)
2006: Jindabyne, The Lives of Others, Volver, The Italian (4)
2005: Breakfast on Pluto, Capote, Cache, The Child (4)
2004: Being Julia, House of Flying Daggers, Bad Education, Merchant of Venice, Up and Down, Yes (6)
2003: The Fog of War, My Life Without Me, The Triplets of Belleville, Young Adam (4)

Or relative newcomers like A24 which hasn't been in business long but already has made a place for itself in Telluride.


2016: Moonlight
2015: Room
2014:  _____
2013: Under the Skin
2012: Ginger and Rosa

Then there are the players who are hit and miss like The Weinstein Company and Fox Searchlight:


2015: Carol
2014: The Imitation Game, Escobar: Paradise Lost
2013: The Unknown, Salinger, Tracks
2012: The Sapphires
2011: The Artist, Butter
2010: The King's Speech
2009: The Road
2008: Happy-Go-Lucky
2007: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, My Enemy's Enemy, I'm Not There
2006: Venus, Indigenes

But no TWC film at TFF in 2016.

Fox Searchlight:

2015: He Named Me Malala
2014: Birman, Wild
2013: 12 Years a Slave
2011: Shame, The Descendants
2010: Never Let Me Go, 127 Hours, Black Swan
2008: Slumdog Millionaire
2007: Juno, The Savages
2006: The Last King of Scotland, The Namesake
2005: Bee Season
2004: Kinsey

But, like TWC, there was no FS film at Telluride in 2016.

Plus several others including major studios that occasionally play in The SHOW.  We're going to start looking at all of that tomorrow.


The Annecy Animation Festival has started up in France this week.  The festival opened on Monday and continues through the weekend.  Annecy sometimes serves up a film or two that make the TFF lineup in the fall.  This year I am keeping my eye on Loving Vincent which is playing in the Annecy Fest and which I have been keeping track of for months.

Variety reported on Loving Vincent's accelerating distribution sales this week in light of its premiere at Annecy.  U.S. distribution for the completely hand-painted film is with Good Deed Entertainment which is a very young outlet.

It will be of some interest should the film be  a prize winner by week's end.

More tomorrow.


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