Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Toronto...Clarity Soon / Indiewire Speculates / My Own Private Wish List

Hello on this Tuesday...


I am publishing this post about half a hour before the Toronto International Film Festival announces its first wave of films.  That list along with the information TIFF provides should give us some serious notions about what will play in The SHOW this year.

I will be tweeting during and after the live announcement which you can stream live here.  Follow along on Twitter @Gort2.

Tomorrow I will have a special Wednesday post up that gets down to deeper analysis about what we know and what is still unknown.

That said, you might want to take a look a Pete Hammond's Deadline.com piece from yesterday that, among other things says he's pretty solid on five films for Telluride: Wonderstruck, Downsizing, A Fantastic Woman, Battle of the Sexes and Loving Vincent.  Four of five of those are on last Friday's Ten Bets and the other is in the "Other Possibles" list.

By way of reminder...here is last Friday's Ten Bets and Other Possibles again:

1) Wonderstruck
2) Downsizing
3) Visages/Villages
4) Loveless
5) Battle of the Sexes
6) The Florida Project
7) You Were Never Really Here
8) A Fantastic Woman
9) The Other Side of Hope
10) The Current War

Other possibles: 120 BPM, The Shape of Water, The Rider, Loving Vincent, mother!, Happy End, Redoubtable, The Death of Stalin, Ken Burns Vietnam.

You can watch the live announcement from Toronto here.


 There was a big post yesterday from Indiewire of 56 films that they  "want to see" at the fall film festivals.  The article is co-written by Anne Thompson and Dana Harris.  Of course Anne has a terrific relationship with Telluride so maybe take that into account.

The article specifically mentions Telluride in the context of eight films/programs (in the order they appear in the article):

Brad's Status
Battle of the Sexes
Lean on Pete
Wormwood (from Errol  Morris)
Ken Burns' Vietnam
Mary Shelly.

Any number of other Telluride possibilities also appear without a specific reference to The SHOW such as The Florida Project and Wonderstruck.


Yup.  I have films that I want to make the list of programs for TFF #44.  

Of course I wish we could somehow see Paul Thomas Anderson's Phantom Thread (or whatever it is eventually called) starring Daniel Day Lewis in what is purportedly his final role and Spielberg's The Papers and/or Villenueve's Blade Runner 2049.  Those won't be at Telluride and probably won't play at any festival.

So...what do I pine for?  What films do I want at Telluride that realistically could make that journey. Here they are in alphabetical order:

Battle of the Sexes
The Death of Stalin
Darkest Hour
The Florida Project
Molly's Game
The Shape of Water
The Snowman
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

Of this list of ten, there are three that I feel fairly confident about...maybe four.

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