Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ouick Hits from the FAC

Good Morning!

Movie City News' Gurus of Gold are down to their (nearly) final Oscar predictions.  They've divided it into two parts and this morning's link is to part one which focuses on the Big Eight categories.  Here's that link:

For what it's worth 11 days out from Oscar...the Gurus have "The Artist" winning 3 of the 8 and "The Descendants" winning one.

Also...The Wrap takes a look at the grind that the Oscar Race has become s we head down the home stretch...

For those in the general area of the world where I live, "Albert Nobbs" (nominated for Best Actress/Glenn Close and Best Supporting Actress/Janet McTeer) is playing at the Westgate in Amarillo, TX currently.  My Playlist review from Telluride:


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