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Confirmation/On the Road/The Kid/Dark Trailer

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I reported in this space 12 days ago that I believed that I had uncovered reliable evidence that this year's Telluride Film Festival guest director would be British author Geoff Dyer.  Now comes confirmation from none other than TFF co-founder Tom Luddy who was present at a reading by the author in the San Fran Bay Area last Thursday night.  Luddy was interviewed by The El Cerrito Patch which reported the following:

"In what may be a world scoop for El Cerrito Patch, Luddy confided to the audience that Dyer will be the guest director this year for the 39th Telluride festival. Luddy's revelation elicited audience applause. "We haven't officially announced that because we'd like to have a press release to announce the fact a little bit later in the year," Luddy said. The guest director selects six of the films."

Nice try Patch, but readers found that info in this space on March 6.  Still, good to see the confirmation this soon after I dropped the story.  Frankly I thought I was going to have to wait until the official announcement which is likely to be in June.

You can see the entire El Cerrito Patch article here:


I have a reasonably good vibe that Walter Salles "on the Road" adaptation of the Jack Kerouac classic will be on the bill of fare in Telluride this September.  Salles has a history with the fest and Film4 (one of the film's producers) has had a presence there recently with such fare as :"Shame" "Never Let Me Go", "Another Year" and "Slumdog Millionaire".  If it shows up at Cannes, as I suspect it will, I will have it on my first "Ten Bets" list.  Over the last week I saw a couple of "On the Road " related tidbits. 

A new poster featuring past Telluride tributee Viggo Mortensen (maybe another reason to suspect that the film could be there).  The Playlist had the story and the poster:

Rope of Silicon had the poster story as well:

"On the Road's" IMDb page is here:


The Dardennes Brothers TFF #38 film "The Kid with a Bike" had a generally warm reception at Telluride this year.  My take was less enthusiastic.  I thought it was well enough executed but just an average film.  For me the big take away from my "Kid" experience was a chance to talk a little shop with big time Hollywood blogger Scott Feinberg.  Nonetheless, "Kid" got a limited e U.S. this weekend and consequently merited some coverage. 

Both Anne Thompson/Thompson on Hollywood:

and The Playlist had "Kid" stories:

"Kid's" IMDb page:


 And though it's not related to Telluride in any way, I couldn't resist dropping a link to the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp "Dark Shadows" trailer (via Rope of Silicon).  Though I have to say, the boys may have gone to far into the "camp" camp.  See for yourself here:

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