Thursday, March 15, 2012

Changes/Oscar 2013 Spec/Next for Farhadi/Posters/Cosmopolis

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Big news from The Academy...nomination announcement day has been moved up on the calendar to Jan. 15, 2013.  The actual Oscar presentation will stay on the same concluding February weekend (the 24th) according to numerous sources.  Check out the variety of posts about the new nomination day:

Movie City News:

Thompson on Hollywood:



The Venice Film Festival has announced its intention to structure a pre-festival tie period for a buyers' market.  Sources say that will open Aug. 30, the day before the open of TFF #39.  You have to wonder if this will have any effect on Telluride's lineup.  The Hollywood Reporter has details here:


Oscar 2012 is barely done and the 2013 speculation has already sprouted up.  USA Today put together a quick roundtable of Oscarologists and posted this:


Oscar winner Asghar Farhadi (A Separation) is an Iranian film maker and says he will always be Iranian but his next film won't be shot there.  Yahoo News had that story:


Looking for a movie poster...but finding it difficult to track down.  Roger Ebert says "look here"...The Movie Poster database:


Had an interesting Twitter convo last night with @twilidiot about the new David Cronenberg film "Cosmopolis" being at T-ride in September.  I put its chances at about 25%.  She says Cronenberg is on record that he doesn't think it will be ready for Cannes which would have a been a good entry for its possible inclusion at TFF #39. 

As I told her..."we'll see"...

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