Monday, March 12, 2012

Cannes Spec Heats Up/The Master/Carey on the Coens' Set

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Bought the new Bruce Springsteen album this weekend...recommended!  also new Lyle Lovett...also worth the money.


A lot of shuffling and potential Cannes 65 news this past week.  Not the least of which was the announcement that Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom" will open the fest.  It's not a TFF #39 possible because of its summer release date.

Also this week...Cannes' #65's poster featuring Marilyn Monroe:

Also, some serious speculation that jut announced French release dates indicate the increased possibility that two films will be bowing in the Cannes lineup somewhere: David Cronenberg's "Cosmopolis" and Jacques Audiard's "Rust and Bone".

That post is from The Playlist here:

I'm pretty high on the Audiard's films chances of being in Telluride in September...less convinced that Cronenberg's follow up to "A Dangerous Method" will be there.

Also...a big P.R. push this weekend for Walter Salles' "On the Road" which has certainly received some Cannes/Telluride speculation.  Stills and a trailer.  I have linked to Rope of Silicon's post with the trailer link:


And finally, a really interesting spec piece about possible Cannes selections and their chances of winning this year's Palme D'Or at Neil Young's Film Lounge. Posted at Take a look here:

Hot TFF #39 possible titles included on the list include: "Rust and Bone" "Beyond the Hills" "Something in the Air" "Love" and "Big House".


Big news floating from the Paul Thomas Anderson fan site Cigarettes and Red Vines that it seems pretty likely that his new film which may or may not be entitled "The Master" looks to be released in October...which would keep it in play for a possible Telluride bow.  Here's the link to that story:


It's no secret that I'm always intensely interested on whatever the Coen Brothers are working on and endlessly dreaming of the year that they are represented by a new film at Telluride.  This year it's "Inside Llewyn Davis" which, among others, features TFF mainstay from the past three years Carey Mulligan.    I found this till of her from the Llewyn Davis set this week...

Come on Carey back to the San Juans and bring Ethan and Joel with you!

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