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FAC Update: Picture, Screenplays, Cinema and Editing/The Jogger/Oscar Underground for 2012/Oscar Pods/Rust and Bone Wins/Ginger and Rosa/Argo News

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Here's my next installment of The Film Awards Clearinghouse Update.  Today I update Best Picture as well as both Adapted and Original Screenplay and Cinematography and Film Editing.  The (#) indicates the position the film had the last time I posted that particular category.  My sources for The FAC:
Scott Feinberg, Kris Tapley, Anne Thompson, Sasha Stone, Film Misery, Film Experience, Rope of Silicon, IndieWire and Awards Circuit.

Bold indicates a TFF #39 film.  ### = Cooling, *** = Heating up.


1) Argo (1)
2) Silver Linings Playbook (3)
3) Lincoln (5)***
4) Les Miserables (2)###
5) The Master (5)
6) Life of Pi (6)
7) Beasts of the Southern Wild (7)
8) Amour (8)
9) Hitchcock (10)
10) Zero Dark Thirty (9)
11) Flight (11)
12) Django Unchained (13)
13) Moonrise Kingdom (14)
14) The Sessions (15)
15) Promised Land (12)###

No Drop Outs
Comment: "Lincoln's" surprise showing as a part of the NYFF has given it a boost.  I'm still dubious that "Amour" will get a Best Picture nomination.


1) Argo (1)
2) Silver Linings Playbook (2)
3) Lincoln (4)
4) Beasts of the Southern Wild (3)
5) The Sessions (8)+++
6) Life of Pi (5)
7) Les Miserables (6)
8) Anna Karenina (7)
9) On the Road (New)***
10) Hitchcock (New)***

Out: The Dark Knight Rises, Killing Them Softly

+++ The Sessions is still receiving some votes in the "Original" screenplay category.  I believe it will be a player in the "Adapted" category.  So, for the time being, those votes are counted in the "Adapted" category.


1) The Master (2)
2) Moonrise Kingdom (1)
3) Amour (4)
4) Django Unchained (3)
5) Zero Dark Thirty (5)
6) Promised Land (6)
7) Looper (New)***
8) Flight (8)
9) Seven Psychopaths (9)
10) Arbitrage (New)***

Out: Frances Ha

Comment: A lot of love for "Looper" since its release.  Personally, I'm not nearly as enamored of it as many are.  


1) Life of Pi (2)
2) The Master (1)
3) Lincoln (3)
4) Anna Karenina (6)***
5) Les Miserables (8)***
6) Django Unchained (7)
7) Beasts of the Southern Wild (4)###
8) The Dark Knight Rises (5)###
9) Cloud Atlas (9)
10) Skyfall (New)

Out: The Hobbit


1) Argo (1)
2) Lincoln (2)
3) Zero Dark Thirty (4)
4) Les Miserables (7)***
5) The Master (3)###
6) Life of Pi (6)
7) The Dark Knight Rises (5)###
8) Silver Linings Playbook (9)
9) Django Unchained (8)
10) Beasts of the Southern Wild (10)

No Drop Outs

Check the Clearinghouse stats against the big boys at:

Gold Derby:


Toss in a few bucks and get involved with "The Jogger" currently shooting in Oklahoma City.  The link is here:


That's what I'm calling it this year.  I called it "Occupy Oscar" last year and it's my tiny attempt to bang the drum for Oscar consideration for films and performances that I feel like are deserving of a look but aren't getting as much notice as the "front runners".

This season includes (so far):

Best Actor: Jack Black/Bernie
Best Supporting Actor: Bryan Cranston/Argo
Best Original Screenplay: Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig/Frances Ha (though it may not get a qualifying run for 2012 consideration).

Last year I was all about Asghar Farhadi getting an Original Screenplay nomination which happened and Ezra Miller getting a Best Supporting Actor nomination for "We Need to Talk About Kevin" which didn't happen.

In all likelihood there will be others as we get deeper into the awards season.


Here are the links to this week's Oscar recordings/podcasts and the Oscar Roundtable from Awards Daily.

Oscar Update (O'Neil/Travers):

Sasha Stone's Oscar Podcast:

And Oscar Poker:

Gold Derby's latest take on the Best Picture race:

The latest Feinberg Forecast from THR's Scott Feinberg for the Academy Awards:


My personal choice for Best Film at this year's Telluride Film Festival was Jacques Audiard's "Rust and Bone" starring Marion Cotillard and Matthias Schoenaerts.  Cotillard has generated a good deal of Oscar heat in the Best Actress category, but "R+B" is not France's entry for the foreign language Oscar (that would be "The Intouchables").

This past weekend the BFI London Film Festival named "Rust and Bone" its Best Film.  Thanks, London!  Both The Hollywood Reporter and Variety report:


The Sally Potter film is generating some warmth for Elle Fanning's performance...


Interview with Ben Affleck by Tom O'Neil:'argo'-oscars--crazy-hollywood.html

Interview with Ben Affleck from Metacafe:

More on Thursday...

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