Monday, March 25, 2013

More on " Lynne Leaves a Gun"/Cannes' New Poster/Sapphires' O'Dowd

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There's a lot of speculation and back and forth vis-a-vis the departure of director Lynne Ramsay from "Jane Got a Gun" which as far as I know still stars Natalie Portman.  It does NOT star either Michael Fassbender or Jude Law as they have both bolted from the project.  It probably does star Joel Edgerton and probably is being directed by Gavin O'Connor.  It may star Jeff Bridges, Tobey Maguire or Jake Gyllenhall...or none of them.

All of this about a film that at one  point was likely to be on the Telluride #41 watch, who knows if it even gets completed.

I can tell you this, filming IS going on around Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I was in Santa Fe the past couple of days and film crew signage was up to direct cast and crew to locations near there so something appears to be going on amid all the turmoil.  And there reportedly has been a good deal of turmoil.  The Hollywood Reporter had a large post up this week about all of the problems that have bedeviled the project.  That is here:

The Playlist also delved into the story as well:

The Playlist also carried the story that Bridges, Maguire and Gyllenhall might be prospects to replace Law:

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Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward class up the new poster released this week for the 66th edition of the Cannes Film Festival.  Here's the poster:

And an accompanying story from The Wrap:


Wayne Blair's "The Sapphires" is finally in theaters (in limited release) and Chris O'Dowd, who is outstanding in the film, is getting a lot of love and attention for his work in the film.  Guy Lodge at HitFix/InContention has a nice profile of the Irish actor here:

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