Thursday, June 12, 2014

Animation Time/deadCenter Comes to Life/Coming Attractions

Welcome to Thursday...


The Annecy International Animated Film Festival is off and running in France.  It opened on Monday and will run through the end of the week.  I note the world's largest Film Fest dedicated to animation because there are almost always some animated films, both shorts and features, that appear there and then make there way to Telluride for Labor Day.

Variety has had significant coverage of the fest so far and you can find a good deal of it here:

Meanwhile, the fest's official website is here:


Oklahoma's own film festival, deadCenter, comes to life today and continues its run through this weekend.  Both "A Trip to Italy" and "Frank" are screened today...which for my money might be the two most intriguing titles on the deadCenter slate this year.  Check the full schedule at the official website here:


A couple of announcements that last few days that caught my eye about future projects.  Zhang Yimou, whose "Coming Home" is a film that I feel is in the conversation for screening at Telluride this year, has announced that he will be involved in a production that will focus on telling the story of the Great Wall of China.  That story was reported by The Hollywood Reporter:

Also getting my notice was this story from The Playlist about Ariel Vromen's next project.  Vromen directed the TFF #39 entry "The Iceman".  Here's that story from The Playlist:

More on Friday!

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