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Future Animation at Telluride/TFF Films I Didn't See at TFF/HitFix on SPC


                                                          The Illusionist

Mark it down as a Telluride film for 2015.  Sylvain Chomet will be filming the animated "A Thousand Miles". Chomet has had an animated history with the festival with both "The Triplets of Belleville" (2003) and "The Illusionist" (2010) making the lineup.  His latest feature was the live action "Attila Marcel" which I thought might be a TFF choice last year but was not.  However, the move back to animation may make "A Thousand Miles" a likely TFF 2015 prospect.  Check this story from Variety:



The Next Two Great TFF Films I didn't see at Telluride.

Yesterday I began a week long listing of my ten favorite films that played at Telluride that I didn't see at Telluride. Taking them chronologically, I began with films that played at T-ride prior to my first trip their in 2006.  I'm listing a couple of them each day and started yesterday with "Blue Velvet" and "Ed Wood".  Here are today's additions to the list:

                                                  Sling Blade (1996) Poster

From 1996: Billy Bob Thornton's: "Sling Blade".  Billy Bob writes the script (and won an Oscar for his efforts, directs and gives what is still probably his best performance in this film that introduced him to the film world.  John Ritter also is great in a real change of pace role for him.

                                                  The Straight Story (1999) Poster

From 1999: David Lynch's second film on this list: "The Straight Story".  Richard Farnsworth...who was always great, gives his best performance as Alvin Straight.  Alvin is determined to visit his semi-estranged an brother but is hampered by any number of circumstances.  Ultimately, Alvin takes off on his odyssey...using a modified riding lawn mower.  It's based on a true story.  As a side note: I love Harry Dean Stanton as the brother who shows up for a few moments at the end of the film.

Coming tomorrow...additions from 2001 and 2005


The good guys over at HitFix posted a piece yesterday extolling the finest films from Sony Pictures Classics which celebrated 20 years of existence in 2012.  The HitFix fellows (Ellwood, Tapley and Lodge) honor the distribution house by each choosing their "ten best" SPC films and because SPC has often played at Telluride, many of their choices will be familiar to TFF fans.  Among the T-ride films that appear somewhere on the tree lists are: "Amour", "Cache", "The Illusionist" (see the Chomet story above), "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "A Prophet", and "Another Year" among others.  Take a look at the full article here:


More tomorrow...

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