Monday, June 30, 2014

Another Toronto Consideration/"Rudderless" Release Is Set/New Oscar Rules

Welcome to Monday.  Reporting this morning from Gran Haven, MI and then on the road later today to Niagra and the Mrs. on a belated (36 years on) honeymoon?


Something that has gone unsaid thus far in the whole Toronto vs. Telluride brouhaha is that if Toronto actually goes through with the scenario that they have set fourth, those of us that are puzzling out the potential Telluride lineup may be handed a set of clues when Toronto makes its announcement of films.  More importantly, when Toronto announces their actual schedule, the timing of the films that Toronto front loads should give us insight into the potential Telluride field.  Toronto should begin announcing their lineup in about three and a half weeks.

I always look forward to the Toronto announcement as one of the key moments of the summer in terms of trying to puzzle out the T-ride lineup and this year, it seems like it's even more likely to provide us clues. Stay tuned.


Well, you know, if you read this space with any regularity, I have been following, rather obsessively, the progress of William H. Macy's Sundance hit "Rudderless".  I've been privy to a lot of the backstage machinations on the film for more than five years and it's with great pleasure that I can pass on this news.  "Rudderless" will be released in the U.S. on Oct. 17th.  That info comes via a tweet from Macy himself who said yesterday:

"Gentle Folk,
RUDDERLESS opens in theaters Oct 17th. Good lord I'm jacked up about this movie. More later. Macy"

Though I haven't seen this tidbit anywhere in the media...I'm pretty sure that Macy's got his dates right.  No news as to how wide a release the Oct. 17th date will be as yet so I'll keep an eye out on that.  So, I suppose that makes this an "exclusive".  Or, at any rate, an exclusive for those of us who follow Macy on Twitter.


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced some new rules changes for the next edition of the Oscars.  Steve Pond of The Wrap provided this post focusing on some of those changes and what they might mean:

More on Tuesday...

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