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The People's and The Professionals Telluride/Stewart and Rosewater/Telluride Wrap Up/Oscars: Feinberg and Tapley/Music from Rudderless

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We're coming down to the last few days that I will still be collecting film ratings from last week's 41st edition of the Telluride Film Festival.  I expect that I will continue to accept ratings through the weekend.  My hope is to post The Professionals ratings on Monday and The People's on Thursday next week with a combination set of ratings to follow.  That's the plan, at least for the moment.  So get those ratings to me ASAP.  Send to via Twitter (@Gort2), email: or as a comment to this blog.  HURRY...time is running out.


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Although I wasn't all that enamored of the film, I am enamored of Jon Stewart and it seems I'm not the only one.  Stewart seemed to be greeted with a hero's welcome all last weekend and I suspect that has as much to do with his career before becoming a film director as it did with the actual film he was in Telluride presenting.  That said, he's the subject of a couple of profiles as a result of "Rosewater's" premiere at T-ride last weekend and I have linked them here.  First a piece from The Hollywood Reporter and Scott Feinberg in which Scott interviews Stewart:

And also from the Los Angeles Times, this profile of the comedian turned director:


Friend of the blog, and I think I can safely say just "friend" without the added "of the blog" Christopher Schiller posted his thoughts of the festival weekend yesterday at  Chris and I don't always agree (ex: he loved "Two Days, One Night" so much) but he's always got an interesting and well reasoned take.  Here's his review of what we experienced last week:'


The above mentioned Scott Feinberg takes a look at the post-Telluride awards alignment and offers his assessment of how things shook out after the four days in the San Juans:

Meanwhile, Oscar expert Kristopher Tapley reports that the Best Actor race just including the performances from Telluride is already intense...and he's right:

I'm campaigning for Michael's my blog, I don't have to be impartial.


My countdown to the release of William H. Macy's set in Oklahoma Sundance drama "Rudderless" continues.  It's set to release on Oct. 17th.  News came yesterday that music form the film...and it's cool music...will be available within the month.  One of the things that was said after the Oklahoma City screening of the film last June was how good the music was.  Now you'll soon have a chance to hear for yourself.  The Playlist posted the release story online and here's the link to that:

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