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Combination Ratings The Peeps and The Pros/Toronto and 2015/First Feinberg Forecast/Assessng the Post Fall Festival Landscape: Deadline; The Hollywood Reporter; Screen Talk/Imitation Wins Toronto/Eat, Drink, Film Reports on TFF #41

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I'm closing out the posts for this year's ratings of films that played at Telluride with the annual combining of the two polls.   I've combined the ratings averages from the People and the Professionals' poll to arrive at the following list.  13 films had enough viewers/raters from both groups to make it to the combined ratings.  They are listed below followed by their combined rating, the People's rated position and then the Professionals rated position:

1) Birdman                        (9.18)  (2)  (1)
2) Foxcatcher                    (8.83)  (4)  (2)
3) The Imitation Game     (8.79)  (1)  (7)
4) Wild Tales                    (8.43)  (3)  (4)
5) '71                                 (8.15)  (6)  (3)
6) Mommy                        (7.42)  (8)  (8)
7) Red Army                     (7.30)  (7)  (11)
8) Two Days, One Night   (7.21)  (13)  (9)
9) Mr. Turner                     (7.10)  (14)  (6)
10) Wild                             (6.71)  (8)  (13)
11) Rosewater                    (6.52)  (12)  (14)
12) The Homesman           (6.38)  (16)  (11)
13) Madame Bovary          (6.18)  (15)  (12)


The Hollywood Reporter says that Toronto will continue this year's policy regarding World Premieres and scheduling the first four days of their festival.  That's what the bulk of the article says.

The last sentence is the devious one though as both TIFF head man Piers Handling and Artistic Director Cameron Bailey "said it was too early to decide whether the Telluride premiere policy will be tweaked, but they will consult the industry before next year's event".  That sounds to me like some wiggle room after an article that mostly goes on about how they're sticking with the policy and how well it worked.  Here's the full story:


The Hollywood Reporter's Oscar expert Scott Feinberg has his first "Feinberg Forecast" posted.  His look at a number of the "major" Oscar categories was posted last night.  Of films that played the Telluride Fest a couple of weeks ago, Feinberg predicts the following:

"Birdman" and "The Imitation Game" and "Foxcatcher" would lead the way with four nominations apiece:

"The Imitation Game" : Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay

"Birdman": Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay

I personally think that Morten Tyldum is going to get into the Director's race for "Imitation" and that Edward Norton and Emma Stone get into the Supporting races for "Birdman".

"Foxcatcher": Best Picture, Actor and Supporting Actor.  That's Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo respectively.

I personally think that Morten Tyldum is going to get into the Director's race for "Imitation" and that Edward Norton and Emma Stone get into the Supporting races for "Birdman".  I'd add Bennett Miller for Direction for "Foxcatcher".

Feinberg forecasts two nominations for "Wild".  One for Reese Witherspoon in the Lead category and the other for Laura Dern as Supporting.

He also has Hilary Swank as Best Actress nominee for "The Homesman".

Among documentaries, Feinberg says: "Keep on Keepin' On" and "Red Army" get nods and for Foreign Language film: "Wild Tales" and "Two Days, One Night".  He also says TFF #40 hit "Blue is the Warmest Color" will get a nod as well.

That total for TFF #41 from these categories would be 19 nominations.

The complete Feinberg Forecast is here:



Pete Hammond at takes a look at the aftermath of Telluride, Toronto and Venice and draws some conclusions.  Hammond specifically discusses Telluride features: "Foxcatcher", "Birdman", "The Imitation Game" , "Mr. Turner", "Wild",  "Rosewater" and "99 Homes".

Here's the link to that post:


Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter posted an article called "Critic's Roundup: The Ten Best Films from Major Fall Festivals (So Far).  Of the ten, Telluride lands three films on the list: "Birdman" (also listed as Venice), "Seymour: An Introduction" and "Wild" (both listed with Toronto as well).  It's worth noting that films that played Cannes are NOT included on their "Fall Fest" list so no "Foxcatcher" or "Mr. Turner".  Missing: "The Imitation Game".

The complete post here:


And I've also linked to the latest installment of Screen Talk, podcast from Anne Thompson and Eric Kohn who also provide their insight in the immediate aftermath of the conclusion of all three major fests that have just concluded.


Telluride player, Morten Tyldum's "The Imitation Game" won The Toronto International Film Festival's Grolsch Audience Award yesterday.  The film follows in the footsteps of such recent past winners as "Slumdog Millionaire", ":The King's Speech" and "12 Years a Slave" that played T-ride and then followed up with the audience award at TIFF (and also went on to win the Oscar Best Picture).  Does this make "The Imitation Game" your Oscar front runner?  Maybe not, but it doefinitely continues the great momentum that started two weeks ago in the Rockies.

Here's coverage of yesterday's Toronto announcement:


TFF #41 Class Photo (Getty Images)

We have mentioned in this space previously that TFF Senior Program Curator Gary Meyer has been at work at Eat, Drink, Film...a relatively new website devoted to...well... the three activities that comprise the websites name.  Eat, Drink, Film had its report about TFF #41 posted recently, complete with cool photos from this year's "class photo" session from Getty Images.  It's worth a look.  Here:

More on Thursday...

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