Monday, February 2, 2015

Queen of the Desert Clip/Birdman News/Deepwater Horizon Switch/Foxcatcher Script Notes/Jobs Images/Notes on The Imitation Game

Good Monday World...Oscar night is less than three weeks away!


We have our first filmic glimpse of Werner Herzog's Berlin premiering "Queen of the Desert".  For the time being, I have high expectations that it will be on the program at TFF #42:

"Queen of the Desert" clip via YouTube

Additionally, here is The Playlist's story announcing the clip:


"Birdman" trailer via YouTube

A couple of new "Birdman" features popped up this week.  The first, linked below, is a video conversation with Michael Keaton.  The other link is a story that looks at the development of the Times Square scene in the film:


J.C. Chandor (and Robert Redford) at TFF #40

It was an unlikely 2015 Telluride choice because of timing, but I could have seen it as a 2016 possibility with J.C. Chandor on board but word came this weekend that "Deepwater Horizon", the film about the BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Drilling Platform disaster will not have Chandor in the director' s chair.  Rather, Peter Berg has bee brought in as Chandor has departed. That switch will move "Deepwater" way, way down on my "Telluride" lookout list for 2016.  The Playlist and Hollywood Elsewhere are linked here with coverage of Chandor's departure:


"Foxcatcher" trailer via YouTube

Oscar nominated screenwriters for "Foxcatcher" Dan Futterman and E. Max Frye talked to Variety about the development of the script about the murder of an American Olympian by one of the wealthiest men in the country:


Danny Boyle, Seth Rogen and Michael Fassbender working at "Jobs"

Danny Boyle has started shooting "Jobs" with Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen working from and Aaron Sorkin script and the first images of the film have surfaced.  I've re-posted a couple here:

Yahoo Movies has a bit of a story and some images here:


'The Imitation Game" trailer via YouTube

Screenwriter Graham Moore and author were awarded the USC Scripter Award over the weekend.  The award is given to the Best Adapted Screenplay of the year to both the screenwriter as well as the author)s) of the original source material that has been adapted.  the award is often a harbinger of which film will go on to win the same award on Oscar night.  HitFix has the story:

"Imitation Game: star Benedict Cumberbatch, who created a bit of a stir with his seemingly racist word choice last week, has called for an official pardon for the nearly 50,000 British gay men who were persecuted under the same laws that Alan Turing (Cumberbatch's character in the film).  HitFix has that story here:

More on Thursday.  Have a great week everyone!

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