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Cuaron Has Wrapped / Ten Films For 2018 Best Pic Oscar-Whipp, Wells and Telluride / The Other Side of the Wind-Update / Late Breaking: New Cannes Spec

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Alfonso Cuaron

Oscar winning director Alfonso Cuaron made his Telluride debut in 2013 with Gravity which went mano a mano with Steve McQueen's 12 Years a Slave from T-ride all the way through Oscar night.

We've been waiting for the next Cuaron joint since then and, as of today that's closer.  The Playlist reported yesterday that Cuaron has wrapped production on his very secretive Roma.  Cuaron would have to really push to have it ready for Cannes but a Venice/Telluride play seems possible.

The film is described as having a much more small-indie sensibility than Gravity which probably doesn't hurt its chances in terms of fall fest prestige plays.

The film doesn't have domestic distribution at this point but is produced by Participant Media who has featured Telluride plays recently with Neruda (2016), Spotlight, Beasts of No Nation and He Named Me Malala (2015), Merchants of Doubt and The Look of Silence (2014).

It's a film we need to keep an eye on for TFF #44.

Here's the story from The Playlist.


Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour

Glenn Whipp of the Laos Angeles Times published an article this week naming 10 films that he thinks are likely Best Pic Oscar players a year from now.  Jeff Wells/Hollywood Elsewhere responded with his own analysis of the ten.  Of interest to MTFB, of course, is which of those might make a stop at The Zog or elsewhere on Labor Day weekend:

The Whipp List: The Big Sick, Dunkirk, Untitled Kathryn Bigelow Detroit Riot Project, Darkest Hour, Downsizing, Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project, Call Me By Your Name, Mudbound, Wonderstruck, Untitled Adam McKay Dick Cheney Project.

The two films with Telluride pedigrees would be Alexander Payne's Downsizing and Todd Haynes' Wonderstruck.  Beyond those other film screams Telluride.  Maybe Darkest Hour?  Would love the PTA...

Here are the separate analyses from:

Whipp at the L.A. Times

and Wells/Hollywood Elsewhere.


The Other Side of the Wind arrives in L.A. (via Wellesnet)

You've read about it here before...the ongoing project to complete Orson Welles' last film The Other Side of the Wind.  In fits and starts this has been floating around for a couple of years.  Now comes news that Netflix is in for financing and that the deal has been struck.  Further, Wellsnet reports that the film...all of the film...and it's a lot of film, has been collected in Los Angeles for editing.

We're closer people and the Netflix involvement makes the likelihood that it will become something we actually see someday much greater.

Now, does it mean it could make the Telluride 2017 lineup?  Not impossible.  Netflix and Telluride have become a thing the past couple of years and Peter Bogdonavich who is the primary figure pushing the project forward has had a terrific connection with Telluride for many many years.  He's still listed, as of the last year's program, is still listed as a member of the fest's Esteemed Council of Advisors.

Additionally, Frank Marshall is also involved.  Marshall was the line producer for the project back in the day and is also on the TFF Esteemed Council.

Still, six months is a tight window for as much film as needs to be sifted on this project.

Stay tuned...

Here's the report from Wellesnet.


Pete Hammond at Deadline posted a big speculation on possible selections for Cannes late last night. Here is the link to that story.

I'll detail some thoughts about it in Monday's post.

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More on Monday...


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