Monday, August 13, 2012

Invitation/Ten Bets #8/Flight Departs for New York

Good Monday from back at home base in the Oklahoma Panhandle...


To the Second "Guide to the Ride, Flow of the Show" at 5PM on Friday, Aug. 31 at The River Club (550 Depot) in Telluride.  We'll talk about the festival and film and have a refreshment or two!


Last week's "Ten Bets":

1) Amour
2) Rust and Bone
3) Midnight's Children
4) The Central Park Five
5) Bromberg's Chaplin
6) Hyde Park on Hudson
7) No
8) On the Road
9) The Reluctant Fundamentalist
10) Beyond the Hills

This week's "Ten Bets"

1) Rust and Bone
2) Hyde Park on Hudson
3) Midnight's Children
4) Amour
5) No
6) The Central Park Five
7) Bromberg's Chaplin
8) Pixar's "Rainy Day Tales"
9) On the Road
10) Beyond the Hills


I don't think I have included "Flight" from director Robert Zemeckis and starring Denzel Washington as a potential Telluride film at any point along the way this year...and over the weekend that decision seems to have been validated as it has been chosen to close The New York Film Festival.  Here's the story from The New York Times Atrsbeat blog:

Flight's Trailer:

Flight's IMDb entry:

More later...

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