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Tapley's Take/Master not Fantastic/Trouble Poster/Coming Attractions

Good Friday All from Las Vegas!


Incontention/HitFix's Kris Tapley is already on record with some Telluride guessing but last night he tweeted two very specific lists in regard to the festival which is a mere three weeks away at this point.

Tweet #1:"Probables" for Telluride:

Probablies for Telluride: Argo, At Any Price, Hyde Park on Hudson, Passion, Rust and Bone, Silver Linings Playbook, Trouble with the Curve.

Tweet #2:  And "Maybes"

Maybes for Telluride: Amour, Great Expectations, Killing Them Softly, The Master, No, Smashed, To the Wonder

First to the "probablies"...Yes Please..."Hyde Park", "Rust and Bone",  have been solidly on the "Ten Bets" list all summer.  "Silver Linings" has flirted with making that list.  "Argo" has been more of a wish than a likelihood.  

As to "Trouble with the Curve", Tapley said a few weeks back he had a hunch about it and he clearly still feels strongly...Eastwood in town?  It would be cool.  

And DePalma's "Passion" wouldn't be a shocker..."Redacted" showed up as a 'sneak" back in it's possible.

Then there are his "maybes":  I'm for any scintilla of a chance that "The Master" makes it to the San Juans.  I have also been bullish that "Amour" and "No" will make the trip to T-ride and continue to be.

I think the other "maybes"  are less likely, although I'd be primed for "Killing Them Softly" and Malick's "To the Wonder" and you could certainly make the case that Ben Affleck might show in support of both his "Argo" and the Malick film especially if Mrs. Affleck (Jennifer Garner) went home from last year's fest and raved about it...


"The announcement came yesterday that Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" will NOT play as a part of Fantastic Fest but will play in Austin at the Alamo Drafthouse as a part of a 70mm series of films.  IndieWire has the story here:

I'm not sure that this really means anything in terms of telling us about its Telluride chances...but let's chose to believe that it makes it more likely.


Robert Lorenz's "Trouble with Curve" starring Clint Eastwood (and now a hot Telluride possibility per Mr. Tapley) has a poster.   It looks like this:

Via Rope of Silicon

Here's the post from Rope of Silicon:


Updating casting news for Jon Wells "August Osage County":

The Wrap:

The Wrap:

The Playlist:

The Playlist:

More later....actually from Telluride...I'll be there tonight!

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