Friday, August 3, 2012

Something in the Air/Central Park Five/Pixar/Coming Attractions

Good Friday from the City of Angels!

We arrived late last night after having spent the day in Laguna Beach at the Festival of the Arts topped off by a viewing of The Pageant of the Masters...Incredible!


"Something in the Air"

Olivier Assassyas's film finally has some new images via The Playlist.  The film has been announced for Venice but is not on Toronto's list of film as yet.

I still have had it listed high on my "Ten Bets" list though it has moved off the "Bets" in the last two weeks as it has been relatively quiet in terms of buzz about it.  Bottom line is that I still think it's a likely choice to make it to the 65% range.

Nevertheless, here's the link to the new pics and story from The Playlist:

"Something's" IMDb entry:


Ken Burns and Company/"The Central Park Five"

Ken Burns and family are credited with this new documentary (Ken and his daughter and son-in-law) and I'd be shocked if it's not in T-ride.  It currently sits at #6 on this week's "Ten Bets".  The film has also been announced as a part of Toronto's doc expect the Burns clan in Colorado in 4 weeks and the Toronto the week after. Check out this Ioncinema rundown of the TIFF Doc selections...and also add into your perusal of that story that 2-4 of those choices will probably join "The Central Park Five" in Telluride:

CP5's IMDb entry:


Pixar has been a frequent player in the animated shorts segment that makes up a delightful  part of the Telluride Film Festival and I expect that this year will be no different. SlashFilm suggests that their new short "Rainy City Tails" "may" play both Toronto and Telluride.  I say count on it!  It may even appear on next Monday's "Ten Bets"...

Here's the Ioncinema story:


An update on a film I featured earlier this summer in this portion of the blog.  There has been a good deal of casting news and other material that we have learned since I last posted about Steve McQueen's "Twelve Years a Slave" so I am adding in the new material from the more recent posts around the web

"Twelve Year's" IMDb entry:

More later...

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