Friday, August 24, 2012

Frances Ha/Passion Trailer/Promised Land's Promise//Master Poster #3/Invitation/Preview for Saturday

Good Friday to All!  7 days until it happens! (6 days 'til I'm burning up road to get there)


Just yesterday I reported that Jeff Wells had posted that he was hearing the Noah Baumbach's and Greta Gerwig's "Frances Ha" was likely going to show at the SHOW next week.  Consequently I included it in the concluding (part 3) portion of my "Thirty That Could Play" and put its chances at 60%.

I'm bumping that up today.  I'm saying with very little equivocation, count on it playing.  So much so that "Frances Ha" will be somewhere on Monday's (and the final) "Ten Bets" list.

Wells also revisited the film yesterday at some length and you can find that post linked here:

"Frances" has an IMDb entry here:


I've posted "Thirty That Could Play" throughout the week and as I go to press today two more films have emerged as real possibilities for the SHOW "32 That Could Play"?

Jeff Wells/Hollywood Elsewhere continues his reveal of snippets he's learned about prospective Telluride films with "Ginger and Rosa" directed by Sally Potter and starring Elle Fanning and Alice Englert with Annette Bening and Christina Hendricks in support.  The film follows the lives of two young women in London in 1962.

Wells says it's "another likely Telluride Film Festival attraction".
His full post is here:

"Ginger and Rosa's" IMDb entry:

Meanwhile, as I was perusing the Toronto International Film Festival website this week I cam across a documentary that has been executive produced by Werner Herzog and Errol Morris (though neither is IMDb credited).  That alone is enough to think that it has serious Telluride potential.  The title: "The Act of Killing" from Joshua Oppenheimer and according to its TIFF info it focuses on Indonesian death squads.

Its IMDb entry is here:


Trailer for DePalma's "Passion"

Also moving up on the is Brain DePalma's "Passion" which released a trailer yesterday...looks...intriguing?  It stars Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams.

Check the post from Rope of Silicon here:


Gus Van Sant's "Promised Land" co-written and starring Matt Damon and John Krasinski has a just announced December release date (Dec. 28 in NY/LA) says Kris Tapley at InContention/HitFix.  But Tapley also flat out states "no festival season" for the film based on a story by Dave Eggers...this year's TFF #39 poster artist.

Bummer...I really thought I might have connected the dots here by including "Promised Land" as a 30% shot among the "Thirty That Could Play".  As long is it was "ready" I said. Thought I was pretty smart...but I guess it's not "ready"


Keith Jagernauth at The Playlist says there is NO word on festival status for the film and even tosses Telluride into the converstion.

OK...I'm gonna say it...I STILL think this could "sneak" next me crazy...go ahead...I'll wait...

Here's Tapley's post:


Apparently unleashed on the San Francisco crew that watched the screening of "The Master" at the Castro Theater on Tuesday night:


I want to make sure every reader knows that they (well, everyone) is cordially invited to a brief reception on Friday, Aug. 31 at 5:00pm at The River Club (550 Depot) in Telluride.  The soiree is called "The Second Annual(?) Guide to the "Ride; The Flow of the SHOW".  We'll rub elbows and talk a little bit about what the weekend is going to hold for us.  Should be fun.  Hosts Mitzi and Larry mallard tell me that we can expect refreshments...maybe a little wine, maybe a nosh.


Tomorrow's post will focus on re-assessing the "Thirty That Could Play" complete with updated chances and rankings of any late breaking news and any other "Best of the Week" items that strike me as worthy of re-posting.

More later...

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Ben Schwartz said...

What do you think about the possibility of a Malick tribute? I feel like Telluride would be one of the few festivals where Malick may feel comfortable speaking.

Michael Patterson said...

Ben...I'd be surprised if a Malick tribute were to happen. I still think that a screening of "To the Wonder" is a possibility but admittedly I could be wrong. It's not like he or the Festival peeps call me up.

Patrick Pringle said...


With 2 films potentially there (Argo and To The Wonder) is a Ben Affleck tribute a possibility?

Also, I noticed that your list of 32 does not include Hyde Park on the Hudson but you mention that you think it's going to play? Oversight or is there something that your heard?

Looking forward to the Guide to the Show meeting again this year We're slated to arrive at the River Club on Wednesday

Michael Patterson said...

Patrick...glad you'll be coming to the Guide/Flow SHOW on Friday. I think there is a possibility for an Affleck trib.

As to "Hyde Park", it's on the "Ten Bets" list so I didn't include any of those in the Thirty (32) that could play.

I'm very confident that "Hyde Park" will play!