Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oscar Matters/Argo/No

Good Thursday morning America...

Today's post is fairly truncated as we're kind of in a dead zone of activity Oscar wise.  The final voting doesn't start until Feb. 8 and a bunch of the film world has been in Park City, Utah for The Sundance Film Festival.  Nevertheless...


This is one of the two posters released this week for the 85th Oscars.  The other (below) features host Seth Mc Farlane:


Tom O'Neil has posted another podcast with Oscar speculation.  His guest for this time around is Matt Atchity from Rotten Tomatoes.  Here's the link:


Gold Derby also reported this week that The Academy announced improved voter participation this year despite reports of difficulty with the new online voting system:


Meanwhile, The Daily Beast posted analysis this week suggesting that TFF #39 sneak preview "Argo" might still win Best Picture on Feb. 24:


Speaking of the Ben Affleck directed film...Gold Derby has an interview from earlier this week with Oscar nominated editor William Goldenberg, nominated for "Argo" and "Zero Dark Thirty":'argo'-'zero'-editor-william-goldenberg-on-competing-against-his-mentor-for-oscar.html


And finally, Oscar nominated foreign language film (from Chile) "No" from director Pablo Larrain and featuring Gael Garcia Bernal has 7 new clips available and all accessed via this post from The Playlist:

More on Monday...

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Patrick Pringle said...

Not sure if you had seen but "The Sapphires" has 12 nominations in the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Award, which leads the field. They have a weird split ceremony with some announced on January 28th and some more on January 30th. Since it is already tomorrow in Australia, they have announced some of the categories and "The Sapphires" has picked up 4 award - Sound, Editing, Costume Design and Production Design. I don't think the performance categories have come so they still have some ducks on the pond as it were.

And it just so happens that I saw the first trailer in a theater before a showing os Silver Linings Playbook with a nebulous "Coming this Spring" release date.