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Cannes Critics Combined/Gray Talks Immigrant/Doc Sportello Surfaces/New Man for Jane

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As I did last year, I have combined the critics panels totals from the Ioncinema group and the Screen Daily and produced the following chart which shows surprising agreement between the critics and Steven Spielberg's jury.

Ioncinema compiled 16 critics and Screen Daily had 10 evaluating the competition films at Cannes last week.  I’ve compiled them together to create a master review of the 26 critics.  Here’s what that revealed:

Position/Film/Combined Average Rating (9 would be perfect)/Ion rank/SD Rank/Award

1) Blue is the Warmest Color/La Vie d’Adele                 7.7        (1)       (1)        Palme d’Or
2) Inside Llewyn Davis                                                 7.0       (2t)      (2)        Grand Prix
3) The Past                                                                6.5       (2t)      (3)        Best Actress
4) A Touch of Sin                                                        6.4       (4)        (4)       Screenplay
5/tie) Nebraska                                                           5.9       (na)      (3)        Best Actor
5/tie) Only Lovers Left Alive                                          5.9       (5)        (na)
7/tie) The Great Beauty                                                5.8       (6t)      (7)
7/tie) Venus in Fur                                                       5.8       (8t)      (5t)
9) Behind the Candelabra                                             5.6       (6t)      (8t)
10/tie) Like Father, Like Son                                         5.5       (8t)      (8t)
10/tie) Young and Beautiful                                           5.5       (6t)      (10t)

Close, but no cigar: The Immigrant (5.3)

The Bottom Three:
Only God Forgives (3.7), A Castle in Italy (3.6) and Shield of Straw (3.3)

The two sets of critics were wildly divergent on Nebraska and Only Lovers Left Alive.

As far as Telluride goes, almost everything that finished in the top ten has a shot to play with the probable exceptions of “Inside Llewyn Davis” and “Venus in Fur”.  Of course “Behind the Candelabra” won’t play as it has premiered on HBO already.


I've said with some frequency that I wouldn't be surprised to see James Gray's "The Immigrant" make the list for Telluride 2013.  We got to see a little bit of it last year as a part of the Marion Cotillard tribute and along with it, Mr. Gray himself.  Its inclusion in Cannes certainly doesn't hurt its Telluride chances nor does its distributor-The Weinstein Company.  I kind of wonder if a deal to display "The Immigrant" at T-ride might have been struck last year.  We'll see.

  Gray was recently interviewed by The Playlist.  You can find that here:


I promised myself not to get crazy about Paul Thomas Anderson's "Inherent Vice".  I get the feeling that my obsessions the past two years ("Tree of Life" and "The Master") bordered on the manic and also ended up not playing Telluride, which is supposed to be what this blog focuses on. (though, I'd remind everyone that "Tree" got distribution at Telluride and last year's "Master" saga was pretty entertaining).

Nevertheless, as bits and pieces squeak out concerning Anderson's adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's "Inherent Vice" I can feel the "crazy" starting to build.  So, with apologies...The Playlist has put up what have to among the first images from the film.  The post features Joaquin Phoenix as the lead character-Doc Sportello.  Here it is:

And the post is here:


And speaking of obsession..."Jane Got a Gun", the beleaguered film starring Natalie Portman and Joel Edgerton has signed a new actor to the cast.  Check The Wrap's story here:

So it seems that the film continues to plug along.

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