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700/Sundance Selects and Telluride/The Playlist Guesses Venice

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That was the number of Saturday's post...the 700th.  Hard for me to believe.  Doing some quick math, that means that each post has been looked at, on average, 112.4 times.  Thanks to everyone who reads from time to time.


Only a player in distribution for just a few years, Sundance Selects has been present at the Telluride Film Festival for the last three fests at various levels of involvement.

2010: The Princess of Montpensier, Tabloid
2011: The Forgiveness of Blood, The Kid with a Bike, Goodbye First Love and Into the Abyss
2012: The Central Park Five

At this point, the possible Sundance Selects offerings amount to 5 films that played at Cannes:

Palme d'Or winner "Blue is the Warmest Color", Jury Prize winner "Like Father, Like Son", Francois Ozon's "Young and Beautiful", Clio Bernard's "The Selfish Giant" and Roman Polanski's "Venus in Fur".

My feeling is that "Like Father..." and "The Selfish Giant" might be the more likely T-ride choices...though "Blue" and "Young and Beautiful" seem very possible as well.

Polanski's film seems like the least likely of the five from Cannes.

Sundance Selects also has a documentary entitled "The Summit" which has played in 2 film fests in England and Ireland...that could be a possibility.


"Like Father, Like Son" 70%
"The Selfish Giant" 70%

"Blue is the Warmest Color" 60%
"Young and Beautiful" 50%
"Venus in Fur" 20%
""The Summit" 20%

THE PLAYLIST GUESSES VENICE (and T-ride indirectly)

The Playlist Oliver Lyttleton offers his take on potential Venice selections and, in passing mentions 5 films as Telluride possibles:

"Devil's Knot"
"The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby"
"Out of the Furnace"
and "Foxcatcher"

All of which could join the San Juan SHOW...and none.

I haven't had "Devil's Knot" on my radar at all. I have mentioned the other four.  Each of which has some things working in its favor and other things that indicate that they're not so likely.

To look at Lyttleton's complete list click below:


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