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IFC Films and Telluride/Look at The Counselor

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IFC films has been a fairly substantial presence at Telluride over the past several years.  The firms highlight year probably was 2008 (the writer's strike year) when it was represented by 5 films.  IFC Films sometimes partners with Sundance Selects.

Here's the film record for IFC Films at Telluride for the past ten years:

2003: Touching the Void, Intermission
2004: Nobody Knows
2005: Three Times
2006: Deep Water, Indigenes
2007: Secret Sunshine, 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days, Jar City
2008: Hunger, Gomorrah, Flame and Citron, Everlasting Moments, The Good, the Bad and the Weird
2009: Fish Tank, Red Riding Trilogy, Life During Wartime, Vincere
2010: The Princess of Montpensier, Carlos
2011: Into the Abyss, Pina
2012: Frances Ha

IFC Films averages 2.3 films per year at the Telluride Film Festival over the last decade.  So what do they have in the pipeline that looks Telluride-y?

IMDb lists the following as IFC Films distribution vehicles that haven't or will not have opened or played at a North American film festival:

Cannes entry "Young and Beautiful" (with Sundance Selects)
Mountain climbing documentary "The Summit" (also with Sundance Selects)
"The Face of Love" starring Robin Williams and Ed Harris

Three...that's all...three.

My money's on "Young and Beautiful" at this point.  I rated it's chances yesterday at 50%...I'm bumping that up to 60% today.  "The Summit" stays at 20% and "Face of Love"...I'm putting at 10%.

Tomorrow: The Weinstein Company.

Also, don't forget, the first "Ten Bets" for TFF #40 is coming on Friday.


I don't have a lot of feel that Ridley Scott's drama starring Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender has a realistic shot at being in the Telluride field.  But I'd like it to be (note:  some of things that I haven't thought had a prayer might actually be a part of the 40th festivities...rumors...whispers...can't say anything).

Nonetheless, a teaser trailer dropped for the eagerly anticipated film yesterday.  Check it and the attached stories here:


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